Custom Writing Assistance Online: Pros and Cons

Music band members get custom guitars and drum sets; homeowners possess custom-built houses; wealthy people order custom-built cars and boats. Even ordinary people can send their measurements into clothiers and get their jeans custom-made. We tend to see the term “custom-made” as equal to quality.

And so it is in the writing business.

If students intend to use writing companies for help with college or school writing assignments, they should expect custom writing. Here is what it means in this industry:

  • Customers order a piece of writing and provide the necessary details of their assignment on a company-provided order form. They specify things such as topic, grade level, type of academic piece, length, formatting, style, unique requirements of instructors, and date by which that piece is needed to be delivered.
  • Writers who take on tasks begin from scratch. They craft pieces from the ground up and following every detail of customers` In the end, students receive original writing that no one else will be able to use. It is one-of-a-kind, just like custom-built boats.

Do All Writing Companies Provide Custom Writing?

No, in this industry, customization and quality vary. Customers who want the best custom writing will need to do research to find it. One of the things students have to understand is that cost cannot be a top priority. A cheap custom writing service is an oxymoron – it is hard to have both. Custom made products of any kind are more expensive than cheap copies.

There are academic writing services promising fully customized pieces of writing. In truth, they employ lower quality writers and researchers who comb through databases for similar pieces and try to rewrite them to meet customers` instructions and requirements. In all cases, the product is neither truly custom nor of high quality. It’s a cheap copy, and both students and professors will be dissatisfied with it.

Where Do I Find the Best Custom Writing?

That’s a great question. Many students do not know what to look for when they consider using online writing services, and they end up wasting time and money for “custom writing” that is nothing of the sort. There are a few things you can do on your own, though:

  • Check with friends who may have used a writing company that they can recommend highly. If they are satisfied and have gotten good grades on their essays and papers, then you can probably expect the same.
  • Get on social media sites and check out some of the writing agencies that have accounts there. Look to see what they post, what discussions occur with and among customers, and get a feel for what customers think of the quality they have received. You must be a bit careful, though, because some of those “customers” may not be real.
  • Visit some of the major consumer review sites, like Yelp or Trust Pilot, and check to see if there are any reviews of a company you are looking at. Or you can Google the company name and find customer comments in the results.

Are These the Only Ways to Check Out a Writing Service?

No, there is one more way, and that is to let us help you. We are a consumer review site, but our only business is reviewing online writing services. And because this is our only business, we spend a lot of time looking at every company we investigate and evaluate. Here are the criteria we use:

  • We pour through the content on the website and look for several things – excellent writing, samples of their writers’ works, clear descriptions of products and services they offer, pricing, and more.
  • We read through every word of published policies of the company. We want to see guarantees of all sorts – privacy, customer satisfaction, a method of communicating with your writer, and your right to ask for revisions if you aren’t happy. One of the biggest criteria here if what we call originality – it means that each piece of writing has been crafted from scratch according to the customer’s detailed specifications. And we want to see that this originality and detail is checked before a piece is delivered to a customer.
  • We dig all over the place for comments and feedback from actual customers, not the testimonials on the company site – they are easy to fake.

When we finish a review, we rate that company and write a full summary of everything we have found. You can read our summaries and get a clear picture of who meets our criteria for a custom writing service. No more guesswork.