Hiring Professional Essay Writers: Pros and Cons

Years ago, there was a television series titled “I Dream of Jeannie.” Jeannie lived in a bottle and came out to help her “master” with whatever he needed. A lot of students probably wish that they had a genie in a bottle, too, especially when they have a large number of writing assignments. If they could just have a great essay writer at their beck and call, their problems would be over.

You can’t have a bottled genie, but you can take steps to get essay writers that are real, human, and who do a great job for their customers.  They are certainly found in several places, and you should explore your options:

  • We all have specific academic strengths and challenges. You may be a math geek who just cannot write. You might find a student who is your opposite. You can offer math homework help in exchange for some of your essays.
  • There are also students on campuses all over the country who operate as online essay writers, and you can look both on your campus and others. These are good writers who earn their college expenses or fun money by doing this. If you intend to use this source, you better get in on this action at the beginning of each semester. Most will limit the number that they will write and will require plenty of lead time. So, look at your course syllabi and decide which essays you really don’t want to produce yourself and get those orders in.
  • There are non-student freelance writers. Some market themselves alone, but most are registered on freelancer sites, along with freelancers of all other types. You can check out essay writers online who sit on these sites. Some are probably well qualified and experienced in specific academic areas, but you will be responsible for posting your writing need and then evaluating those who submit bids. This puts a lot of burden on your shoulders, and making a mistake could mean a waste of money and a poor-quality piece of writing that won’t get you a good grade.
  • There are also academic writing services that have popped up on the web over the past 20 years. They came to be because students could no longer rely on just buying written works from large databases of pre-written and pre-sold essays. Plagiarism-detection software took care of that. These services offer original, customized, and high-quality writing products so that students can get their writing assignments produced and submitted without fear. This is the way to get the best essay writers online if you can find a company that is totally reliable and trustworthy. And herein lies the catch – finding the minority of good ones in an ocean of companies that will range from horrible to exceptional.

What Should I Be Looking for to Find Professional Essay Writers from a Company?

A lot of things. If students intend to do research and selection on their own, there are some red flags that will let them cross off a company offering to write professional essays:

  • If students access a website and they see poor writing on the company’s pages, they should run away. If a company cannot produce proper grammar on its own website pages, clients can conclude that it is not using professional essay writers who are native English-speaking, degreed, qualified academics.
  • If customers cannot find a phone number and live chat feature, they`d better leave. If the only way of communication with a company is via email, think about how you will be served if you get urgent questions or issues.
  • Look at the pricing structure. If a company offers a single price-per-page no matter what the customer order, it is not employing the best essay writers who can deliver high-quality results. The agency is likely to use poor foreign students or those authors who will not be employed by better services because their writing is poor.
  • Speaking of pricing, even if there is a structure, but it is far lower than what most online services are charging, you will get to work with a cheap essay writer with poor skills.
  • If a company does not provide published policies with clear guarantees for customers, it is not legitimate. Even those that get policies may be frauds, but this is glaring.
  • How is the company protecting customers’ identity and methods for making payments? You may contact the company, ask these questions, and make sure you are satisfied with the answers.

What are the Factors of a Company that Employs Professional Essay Writers Online?

Students can begin by finding the opposite of the red flags listed above. Getting a great online essay writer will not come from companies that experience any of those issues. So, you want to then find ways to locate “good guys” among writing services. Where do students go to look for them?

  • If customers decide to stick with the Google search results, they will spend days, more likely weeks, pouring over writing companies’ websites. And still, it will be hard to determine who is being honest and who is playing tricks.
  • Customers-to-be get on social media sites and search for writing companies by name. Some create business accounts for clients to access their feeds and review their discussions with customers. You will also be able to see feedback or comments made by users on their own feeds. This can provide good insights, although not a complete picture of how the agency works.
  • Students can check some major customer review websites that take reviews from consumers on everything from car dealerships and restaurants to cleaning companies. Most create a separate category of writing services, and you can see if there are reviews of writing services you are looking at. You might find good reviews or bad, short or detailed reviews from former users. This can eliminate or add writing services to your list of options.
  • Finally, customers can check out a review website that evaluates only writing services. This will be more specific and provide more in-depth reporting than any of larger diverse consumer review sites. And if clients google “writing company review sites,” they will get fewer results than for “writing companies.” Don`t hesitate to access several of them and see how they operate. Of course, we believe that we do offer exactly what you are looking for if you are serious about finding an online essay writer that is going to create a great product.

Do You Review Services that Employ Cheap Essay Writers?

We provide various reviews of different agencies. We look at numerous academic writing companies, based upon our own decisions to evaluate or requests from our site users. You will find that we use the same criteria to assess all writing services so that our evaluations are fair. We look at numerous factors – website content, types of products and services and students that are served, writer quality, sample writings that are presented, what customers have to say, and, of course, pricing. But we define cheap in two ways – price and quality.

So, Can I Find an Essay Writer Cheap from Your Review Site?

Sure. But understand the problem is this. When writing services offer cheap prices, chances are the essay writer online who work for this company will not be of high quality compared to agencies charging prices in line with what is considered average for the industry. Think logically, well experienced writers will go where they earn more. But rejected or foreign writers will be working for cheaper services.

We Have a Single Mission

We are committed to helping students achieve success in school. To that end, we have a website that serves several purposes:

  • We provide clear and complete reviews of writing services based on research and actual customer experiences. We rate companies in each of several categories, but we also write a full summary with all the details.
  • We operate a social media site of sorts, alongside our review summaries. Registered users can participate in discussions with peers about all sorts of topics and can share experiences with writing services and their student life. It is sort of a discussion board that users can access at any time.
  • We also operate a blog on the site – these articles will provide tips on writing improvement, of course, but also on other aspects of being a student – advice on course selections, time management, budgeting, study habits, stress, burnout, etc.

To get factual, objective information about writing services, you will want to read our reviews and understand why we have rated certain companies as top-notch. Once you read our reviews, you can link to those websites and see for yourself. We know you will find a service that is right for you.