Essay Writing Services for Students: Making the Right Choice

If you consider getting writing help from companies that provide essay writing service, you probably struggle with academic assignments. The first thing you need to understand is that you are not alone, that getting help with coursework writing is nothing to be embarrassed about, and that there is professional online help for students.

Here is a Brief History of the Writing Essays Service Industry

As long as there have been colleges, there have been students who are not skilled writers. They compete for grades with students who are good writers. Further, writing assignments – essays, papers, and similar written work – are given in many courses other than in English comp.

Before there were essay writing services, there were fellow students on campuses who would write essays and papers for pay. They were kept quite busy, making a good amount of income cranking out pieces of writing. They wrote for students who were in the following situations:

  • Some students genuinely cannot write well. While they should certainly work on improving their skills, they are still competing with highly skilled writers right now.
  • Some students are not good time managers. They know they will not get writing assignments produced on time and so they just arrange for them to be written by someone else.
  • There are students who are just lazy and would rather spend their money getting someone else to do their work.

Whatever reasons, students who could not or did not want to write their assignments found skilled people to complete tasks.

Enter the internet. The world wide web was born, and businesses became aware that a whole new world of commerce had opened up. And enterprising young people began to see possibilities for making money too. One such business popped up and started selling essays and papers to students around the world. These were pieces of writing produced by students and submitted to professors. But now they were sold to other learners. There were different models of writing business, but the end result was that students could now find writing works on large databases and grab pieces to use as their own. This was safe because there was no way to check for plagiarism.

Once plagiarism-detection software was developed, buying or trading essays on databases became too risky for most students to consider. And this is the point at which online essay writing websites began to appear. That was about 20 years ago. Today, there are thousands of essay services from which to choose.

If There Are Thousands, How Do I Know Which are the Best?

Finding the best essay writing services right away is the biggest issue for students. They understand that there are scam companies all over the internet, and writing industry is no exception. A lot of disreputable characters have gotten in on “this action” because they see easy money from unsuspecting students. Their business model is simple. Promise wonderful products produced by highly qualified writers at low prices. Then deliver a piece of crap writing, ignore the customer’s anger, and move on to the next victim. They rely on desperate students who need something right away or who think they are getting a great bargain.

Are There Things to Look for When Choosing an Essay Writer Service?

Yes, there are. Professional essay writing services – those that are reliable and deliver high quality writing products – have similar characteristics. As you choose a potential company, ask the following questions:

  • Is the website well organized?
  • Does the agency list products and services it offers, and grade levels it serves?
  • Is writing content on the site itself done in proper English? Customers will not get quality writing from companies that cannot use proper grammar and composition to attract users.
  • Are there samples of their writers’ work published on the site for students to read and review?
  • Are there ways to contact directly and talk to real people?
  • Are there written policies explaining customers` rights and guarantees?
  • Is there a clear reasonable pricing system?

If possible, contact the company directly and ask several questions:

  • How do they find and employ writers, editors, proofreaders?
  • How do they assign writers to customer orders?
  • Will customers be able to speak directly with authors?
  • What happens if students are not satisfied with essays or papers received?
  • Are customer service agents available 24/7?
  • How will customers` privacy be protected? Do they share or trade clients` information with third parties?
  • How secure are payment methods?

Even when a company has all the “right” answers, you cannot be guaranteed that they actually deliver on the promises and guarantees they make. You must go beyond just the website and communication with company representatives. You must get out on the web and try to find out what actual customers have had to say about their experiences with the agency.

Where Do I Look for Customer Reviews?

Again, you must be careful. Many scam companies will write their own glowing reviews and publish them on social media and other places. There are some reputable consumer review sites, like Yelp, but they cover a broad range of industries, and you may not find specific reviews on a company you are considering. But you may find some reviews of other companies that you have not yet looked at. These may lead you in the direction to check out that company if the essay service reviews are positive. So, in general, you might check out those large review sites to see what you can find.

Are There Professional Essay Writing Service Review Sites that Focus Only on this Industry?

Again, the answer is yes. But the more complete answer is “it’s a bit complex.” If you “google” writing service review sites, you will get lots of results. Like writing companies themselves, review sites vary in quality and purpose. Some have a purpose of only promoting an essay writing company or two, and they will skew their ratings to reflect that. Others limit their reviews to very specific categories, which may not be a match for what you need. Suppose, for example, you are an undergraduate student in the field of economics. You may find a review site that focuses only on an online essay writing service or two that cater to graduate students in STEM fields of study or just on tutoring enterprises.

There are comprehensive and objective essay writing website review firms that do offer factual and truthful information about a variety of companies. If you are going to look for honest evaluations, you should use them. We happen to be one of the best in the business, so you can’t go wrong looking at our reviews – they are based on solid research and fact-finding.

How Do You Pick Out the Best Essay Writing Service?

Look again at the list of questions above. These are the criteria we use to assess all of the writing companies we review. And we have an organized process so that every agency gets exactly the same treatment.

  • We comb through every word and sentence of the website. We want to see good organization, easy navigation, perfectly written content, and a description of every product or service that is offered to customers.
  • We read the testimonials on the website, but we do not put a lot of stock in those. They are too easily made up.
  • We have a large body of users of our site. It’s basically close to being a social media site for students and others who are not just looking for good writing services. But beyond that, they use our forum to discuss all sorts of topics that are school-related. And they read our blog posts that contain lots of strategies not just related to writing but also to student life in general. When a user asks us for a review on a specific writing service, we move on it. And we take that student’s experience as well as put out a call for others’ experiences as well.
  • We do not just solicit feedback from customers – we go out all over the web and read anything we can find. This gives a much more accurate picture of the quality a company actually delivers. And we use those customer reviews and comments as an important part of our overall rating.
  • We review the pricing structure of a company we are evaluating, and we do want to see differentiated pricing based on clear factors. Prices should vary according to a student’s grade level, what type of writing is being ordered, the length of the piece, and the deadline requirements. Companies that charge a single price per page no matter what the details of the order are not legitimate, and we will report this in any review we produce. They should be avoided at all costs.
  • We like to see sample writings on a company’s website, and we do read several of them to get an overall assessment of quality.
  • We contact a company’s customer support department at least twice, and we use both phone and live chat if available (and they should be). We ask tough questions, and we want to see immediate and complete answers. This tells us that a company has actually employed and trained its own employees rather than using an answering service. This is reflective of a pro essay writing service. There have actually been instances where customer service agents have told us that a complete Ph.D. dissertation can be completed and delivered in 7 days! What a joke.
  • We also review all of the policies that a company has published on its website. We are looking specifically for the guarantees that a service gives to its customers and what customers have experienced relative to those policies. We want to know that guarantees of no plagiarism, satisfaction, safety, security, and confidentiality are not just words on a page, but are what customers are experiencing.

Once we have all of this information, we are ready to rate a writing service in comparison to others we have reviewed. And we write up a full summary for any visitor or user of our site to access.

Is There a Cheap Essay Writing Service that is Trustworthy?

The answer depends on what is meant by “cheap.” We researched pricing and offers. We know what falls within the average range of professional and reliable companies. When we see pricing falling below average, our experts are suspicious. Think about it. Why would writers sign up with agencies paying them less than average going rates that similar companies pay? They are going to work with agencies that can pay authors what they are worth.

Is there a cheap reliable essay writing service? There are such online services. What we found, though, is that writing companies falling below average prices produce lower quality products and services. If looking for a big bargain, customers risk getting a poor quality. In short, if students determine pricing as a top priority, they will be disappointed with final results.

What We Recommend

Here is the bottom line. If students are going to use essay writing services, they want an agency that can deliver products and services that learners feel proud to submit. Clients prefer originally produced content never to be seen on the web. They should expect to pay fair prices for professional writers. They should expect to be able to talk with writers directly. They should expect that stated guarantees are practiced by the company. We can provide this information to learners and share what we know about every writing service under evaluation. Access our site, read reviews, look at ratings, and pick companies that will serve customers well.