All Answers in One AssignmentExpert Review

AssignmentExpert is better known as a coursework assistance provider. Their main area of concentration appears to be science, technology, math, and engineering courses. Further, AssignmentExpert appears to work primarily on short term assignments, not long term writing assignments. Because of this, we did make a few adjustments to our review process. Still, we conducted our research with the goal of answering the following questions:

  • Does this service deliver high quality products and services?
  • Do they have fair policies that are actualized with good customer service?
  • Are their prices competitive?
  • Have they earned a decent reputation?
  • Is it safe to make a payment or share personal information?

In order to find out, we conducted a significant amount of research. Our efforts included reviewing a final product, reading policy pages, exploring the company website, and reading online student reviews. The paper we received was a two page essay written for a college student. Keep reading to learn more about our experiences.

Pricing System

According to AssignmentExpert, prices are determined based on a variety of criteria. These include the student’s grade level, assignment urgency, difficulty, and type. However, they do not publish a pricing schedule. Instead, the customer submits the details of their order and then waits for feedback as to the proposed price of doing the work. There is a calculator for pricing on the site, but students are not guaranteed pricing until they place their order and receive a price via email.

We did have some concerns about this. In many instances, students who seek academic assignment help are already behind and in need of help. It’s important that they know if a service is within their budget or not. Even waiting a couple of hours for a price could be a problem. There’s also the practice of expecting students to provide personally identifying information in order to get a price quote.

When AssignmentExpert does reveal prices, it is generally for the entire assignment. This is different from the per page model that is most commonly used. Student reviews that mentioned pricing varied fairly widely. Many felt the cost was in the normal range. Some did feel as though the prices were a bit inflated.

We attempted to find discounts or coupons of any sort. We were unable to find any on the company website. There do not appear to be any savings available elsewhere on the internet either. The work we received was about 20 dollars per page. That’s on the high side of average.

Types of Services

The website isn’t like most other services. It does not contain a services page that lists all the available products and services such as essays, research papers, or term papers. Instead, the student placing an order selects a subject area. These are quite broad and include disciplines such as Math, English, French, and Psychology. Then they select an academic level. After that, they select a deadline and input a title and task. They may then choose whether they need a ‘basic explanation,’ ‘detailed explanation,’ or if the project is an online test. This is a bit confusing, and we eventually determined that the assigned writer/academic specialist proceeds based on the instructions and assignment title. There is a means to upload any relevant files as well.

Once the order is submitted, the student will receive a price. They can then choose to have AssignmentExpert continue with the services offered. We noticed that the most popular services are in the science and technologies areas. These are also the focus of the sample documents available on the site.

Also, while the company will complete writing assignments, the emphasis here is definitely on coursework services. AssignmentExpert is not a reliable provider of long term academic help such as dissertations, capstone projects, or thesis assignments. They also do not offer any type of non-academic writing. So, this is also not an appropriate choice for copywriting or resume writing. AssignmentExpert also does not provide resume or CV writing assistance.

AssignmentExpert also advertises free homework assistance. This is an impressive service. However, students must understand that they are not guaranteed to receive free homework help. This is limited to cases in which the answer is easy to provide. These answers are then stored, so they can be looked up by students in the future.

The short writing assignment we reviewed was of acceptable quality. The sample documents we reviewed appeared to be correct as well.

Payment Options

After the student places their order on, they wait to receive their pricing email. Once they do that, they may complete the payment process at AssignmentExpert. This must be done before any work proceeds. The company accepts PayPal. This is a secure payment option that allows the student to use any debit or credit card of their choosing. They may also make payments through their PayPal balance. This process does appear to be secure. We did not find any significant evidence that students were making payments and encountering data security or privacy issues.


In order to evaluate the guarantees offered by AssignmentExpert, we first examined the company website. We reviewed AssignmentExpert policy pages, such as their privacy policy, terms and conditions, and money-back guarantee. These are the documents that truly detail how and when the company takes action to support their promises to consumers.

The terms and conditions page details how the service works. It mentions that the assignment deadline is impacted by the student’s payment and acceptance of terms. There is also a limitation of liability statements that declares the company is not responsible for the result the student gets from using the documents or answers they receive.

Next, we reviewed the privacy policy. AssignmentExpert has published a very standard privacy policy. It details what information is collected from customers and visitors, how that information is used, how it is protected, and what students may request or control regarding the handling of their information.

Finally, the AssignmentExpert money-back guarantee page details when students may be entitled to a refund. Generally, these requests are reviewed on an individual basis after the student submits proof that they deserve a refund. When a refund is granted, the company deducts the 3% fee that is levied by PayPal for processing transactions.

Overall, it does appear as if the company stands by its policies and guarantees. The reviews we read that mentioned customer service issues mostly mentioned that the student was ultimately satisfied with the way things were resolved. Of course, there are always cases where a customer isn’t satisfied. These instances were in the minority.

Is Site Legit?

AssignmentExpert is a legitimate company. We make this statement based both on our research and our direct experiences with the company. is a safe and secure website. Visitors can go to the website, search for information, communicate with customer support, and make a payment without being concerned that doing so is unsafe.

However, we also wish to indicate that while legitimacy is a good thing, it is not our endorsement or recommendation. This is simply an indication that there does not appear to be any scam or fraud. This is a valid business that is operating within the bounds of business principles and standards.


As we reviewed the website, we made a note of some of the more positive aspects. Here is what we determined:

  • The company does an excellent job of providing STEM related help to undergraduate students.
  • While not published, their prices are within the average range.
  • Customer support is helpful and responsive.


Unfortunately, we did uncover a few negative aspects of AssignmentExpert as well. In order to help students considering using AssignmentExpert for coursework assistance, we will mention these here:

  • There are limits to the academic disciplines in which students can get help.
  • This service does not provide long form writing assistance.
  • Students may have to wait a significant amount of time before they receive a price quote.

To Sum Up

We’ll conclude this AssignmentExpert review by stating that our final conclusion is largely neutral. On a positive note, the services that are delivered by AssignmentExpert do appear to be of decent quality for the most part. The payment process at seems to be secure. There’s even an informative blog.

Unfortunately, this is counterbalanced by the fact that is difficult to navigate. There are no published prices available. It also appears as if the service availability is largely limited to STEM coursework in the lower grades. Ultimately, students who are considering this service should research the company independently. We specifically recommend ensuring that the provider is able to assign a qualified professional to complete their task as instructed.