Find from BestEssaysEducation Review Why to Count on Its Services

Our investigation for the BestEssaysEducation review has a clear purpose. We want to show our audience what type of services the clients can count on and how much each of them costs. We gathered information about BestEssaysEducation from different sources and built an honest review about this company. We will tell you what type of services you can order from Besides, you will find how much you can pay for the type of content you need.

The site is well-built. It includes detailed information and offers complete details on the services, writers’ experience, and fees. We read about the selection process to understand if the collaborators are reliable and can deliver constant quality. We also liked that the price can be easily calculated with a smart instrument. This adds extra reliability to the vendor.

Besides, we used additional sources of information to understand what past customers say about BestEssaysEducation. We found that they have a generally good opinion. Clients appreciate the vendor’s efforts to keep the prices in the market’s average and deliver flawless services. Other customers mentioned the fair policies. They clarify the process of how revisions and refunds are handled. Finally, customers mention the generous discounts that maintain BestEssaysEducation’s competitiveness very high.

Price List

BestEssaysEducation has budget-friendly fees. We compared them with the industry’s average and got to the conclusion that it stays competitive with affordable costs. All quotations are handled with maximum transparency. We found a fee calculator on homepage. So, the vendor has nothing to hide and lets the client know from the beginning how much he/she would have to pay for a specific type of paper. In general, the price is influenced by the paper’s difficulty, number of pages, and deadline.

Our experience showed that high school essays are the easiest type of paper. Therefore, we used this smart tool to find how much we would pay for one page of such an essay. The calculator returned a price of $12.99 for one page. This is practically the starting price that BestEssaysEducation can offer. The final price is always influenced by the paper’s difficulty or urgency. So, if you change the calculator’s parameters, the price will automatically go up.

Besides, this fee includes more than essay writing. BestEssaysEducation offers additional services worth $85. You will receive unlimited revisions, outline, title page, formatting, bibliography, and plagiarism report without paying any extra fees.

Are you curious to know which are the available discounts? BestEssaysEducation does everything it can to keep customers engaged. Thus, it offers competitive price reductions to newcomers. All first-time clients receive 15% off from the 1st order’s price if they use the code BEST15OFF.

Once you used BestEssaysEducation services for the first time, you will be encouraged to keep sending orders if you want to receive permanent discounts. These life-time price reductions are calculated based on the total orders’ value. So, if you have submitted orders so far that have a total value of $399, you will get 5% off the final price for your next orders. If the total amount you spent on is of $599, then the permanent discount reaches 10%. Finally, the maximum discount you can get is 15% for a total expenditure of $799.


BestEssaysEducation targets different categories of clients. A writing company doesn’t always deliver services for students only. Young professionals or business owners also need professional writing services. But, let’s start with the beginning!

BestEssaysEducation offers academic writing services for students. The company works with skilled writers who can deliver content for different difficulty levels. For example, BestEssaysEducation writers can prepare content for high school, bachelor, master, or doctorate levels. The vendor has a strict selection process that enables it to choose the best-in-class writers. Students also order editing, proofreading, or rewriting services from Also, the company succeeds to have a complete portfolio by adding admission papers, thesis, or multiple-choice questions writing services for its clients.

Professionals can collaborate with BestEssaysEducation for CV writing services. The company works with writers who have previously worked in HR-related domains. Thus, they know how to write a convincing resume and help the client get the job of his/her dream.

Finally, business owners can order copywriting services directly from The vendor’s collaborators can write web content from scratch or prepare news releases or articles to attract the audience’s attention. Therefore, business owners will improve their business’s visibility and turn leads into sales rapidly.

Payment Solutions

When it comes to payments, customers need to feel safe when they introduce the data of their bank accounts. As online payments are the most vulnerable situations for hackers, BestEssaysEducation uses encrypted systems to provide maximum security for customers. Therefore, clients can pay for the content ordered on via PayPal. It is one of the easiest to use and the most popular tool for students as it doesn’t require any complicated details from the customers’ side. Payment via card is also available. American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Maestro cards are the only ones accepted by BestEssaysEducation.


BestEssaysEducation ensures fair cooperation between the customer and the writer. Thanks to the comprehensive policies, the vendor ensures that both parties understand that they have both rights and obligations. While the writer has the task to deliver flawless content that follows the clients’ instructions, the customer should understand that he/she should respect some clear rules if he/she wants a refund or free revision. Below you will find more details about each situation.


Free revisions are allowed for customers who follow some simple rules. First, customers should come back with the revision request in a certain period of time. It is mandatory that the client sends the request in the first 14 days since he/she received the paper. Also, the revision will be delivered for free only if the client keeps the same instructions as the ones mentioned in the order form. In case the customer changes the instructions, BestEssaysEducation will consider the request as an additional order and will charge the customer the corresponding fees.

Money-Back Guarantee

Refunds are awarded in cancellation cases. The client can call off his/her order anytime he/she wants. However, the moment when he/she sends the cancellation request will determine the final amount which is going to be returned. According to the refunds policy, the cases when BestEssaysEducation returns the money to the customer are the following:

  • Full amount is returned if the client cancels an order that has no assigned writer
  • 70% of the amount paid will be refunded in case the client sends the cancellation request after BestEssaysEducation found a writer to take care of it
  • Half of the amount will be refunded in case the customer revokes his/her order in the middle of the deadline period.

In case the writer misses the deadline, the client has the right to ask for his/her money back. If such situations occur, the customer has to understand that the refunded amount will be lower as the writer still has to be compensated for the work he/she did. For long-term orders that have a deadline of more than 14 days, the refunded amount in case of delays will be 7%. On the other hand, refunds will be awarded only if the situation appeared from the writer’s fault. In case, he/she demonstrates that he/she encountered technical difficulties or had to wait too long for the writer to reply to an additional information request, then the refund request will be annulled. However, each refund request will be analyzed to the tiniest detail by the customer support team to understand which was the route cause.

Is the Site Legit?

When we wrote our review on, we took a close look at how the site is built. We understood that the company is legit and offers quality services. But, it also needs to have a strong site that doesn’t put the client at risk. Thus, we found a presentation website that is easy to navigate and has a clear structure. Also, the vendor has a comprehensive cookie and confidentiality policy. Therefore, is definitely a legit site and protects the customer’s information from scammers.


BestEssaysEducation has some positive characteristics such as:

  • Affordable fees
  • Professional and legit website
  • 24/7 available support team
  • Money-back and revisions policies
  • Secure payment instruments


In our opinion, BestEssaysEducation should improve the following:

  • Advanced originality report should come with zero costs
  • No seasonal discounts

To Sum Up

BestEssaysEducation is a competitive company that provides professional writing services. It manages to satisfy its customers with affordable fees and full transparency. Clients can calculate the final cost for the type of essay they need using the price calculator. Also, they can make the final fees lower thanks to the attractive discounts available on In addition, the vendor developed comprehensive policies that clarify the refunds and revisions situations and help customers understand how and when they can receive their money back.