EduBirdie Review: Should You Order from This Writing Company?

EduBirdie is a site that has a sleek, nice-looking website. When you visit it for the first time, you will be pleasantly surprised by the great user experience. However, when we make our reviews, we go much deeper than the surface of the website design.

EduBirdie claims it has over 450 qualified writers. This gives you a very high chance of being matched with an academic expert in the field you’re studying. This can definitely be considered a plus: most other writing websites don’t have a talent pool that large.

Let’s have a look at some other aspects of before we give it a final rating.

Pricing System

The pricing system on EduBirdie is less transparent than on some other writing website, which is a drawback. They say their pricing starts at $18 per page (wherein 1 page equals 275 words), but the pricing depends on the length, type of service and deadline. It’s safe to say this price is slightly above the industry average. If you’re ordering in large volumes, you can apply some discounts for wholesale orders. You can start taking advantage of these offers for papers from 10 pages and above.

One plus side of their pricing system is that you will get access to a marketplace of writers on EduBirdie. These are all writers who have passed their screening and tests. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about bumping into a writer that’s not experienced. However, we always advise that you set aside some time to interview the writer and make sure that they are really up to the task.

After you submit the requirements for your order, you will receive a price estimate. After that, writers will start bidding on your job. You can use the chat option to find the best writer for the work you need or use the option to be auto-matched with top writers. During the selection process, you can negotiate prices with the writers and try to lower your costs.

Types of Services

EduBirdie offers a myriad of services. On the main page, there are services divided into two major categories:

1) Writing services

Under this category, it’s implied that you will make an order for “writing from scratch”. This means that the writer will take your instructions and produce high-quality, original, unique work. The most popular services in this domain are:

  • essays – academic essays for any level, custom essays, scholarship application essays, college admissions essays
  • case studies – a paper that examines a particular practical example of a theoretical concept
  • dissertations – huge volumes of work necessary to get a PhD degree
  • research papers – all papers that require research, citing, methodology, bibliography…
  • term papers – similar to a research paper, but bigger in volume
  • coursework – any type of course writing that counts towards your final grade
  • other categories (assignments, homework, multiple choice questions, research proposals…)

Before you place and describe your order, it’s important to define it under the right writing category. In other words, pricing is not the same for essays and term papers, for example. Choosing the right category means that you will get an accurate and direct price quote. If you mislabel the work you need, you might be unpleasantly surprised further down the road.

2) Editing services

Editing is a support service to writing, but you can also use it on your own texts on EduBirdie. All in all, this service helps you make sure that your writing is impeccable before you submit it to a professor or a college admissions officer. has divided its editing services into:

  • essay editing
  • research paper editing
  • dissertation editing

It’s important to note that editing services are significantly lower in cost than writing services. This is because writers have to use less research and time resources.

A great thing about this site is that they also offer plenty of free writing resources for students, so you should check these out, too.

Payment Options

One of the benefits of EduBirdie is that it offers some payment options that you can rarely find on other writing platforms. Also, they don’t charge any processing fees, so you know that what you see as your total is exactly how much you’re going to pay with your payment processor. There is also a multi-currency option at EduBirdie, which also saves you money on currency conversion. You can use these to pay for your orders:

  • Mastercard, American Express, VISA – the most popular card payment options, processed in a secure platform
  • JCB – Japan-based international payment brand
  • UnionPay – Chinese-based payment method used by customers around the world


EduBirdie knows the importance of guarantees on writing service websites. They provide a trusting atmosphere for new customers, but also make returning customers feel protected. Here are some of the things that EduBirdie guarantees for their orders:

  • On-time delivery: their pool of 450 and more writers means that someone will always be available to start working on your order. With deadlines as strict as 3 hours, you can expect your work to be done on time.
  • Happy customer guarantee: EduBirdie guarantees that you will have to pay for their services only when you’re completely satisfied. This means that you can get as many free revisions you want until the paper is exactly how you’d like it to be.
  • Double-checking for plagiarism: every writing website has to stay away from plagiarism and improper quoting and citing. EduBirdie does a double check for plagiarism: firstly, around the entire web (including scientific journals and articles) and then in their own database of previous orders.

Is Site Legit?

EduBirdie is most definitely a legit site. You can check out their social media profiles for social proof and testimonials: they run successful Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter pages. On all of these, you can find many realistic and unbiased reviews from previous users.


  • great social media profiles and interactions with students and customers
  • helpful customer support team
  • decent reviews from previous customers


  • higher prices than some others in the industry
  • the pricing system is not very transparent and direct
  • EduBirdie does not accept PayPal as a payment method (which is a common choice among students)

To Sum Up

In summary, we would recommend that you definitely visit to see the site for yourself. You might learn a lot about the writing services industry and find some useful writing tips and tricks. However, we would only recommend these services to students who are willing to pay more. They have slightly above-average prices, so you have to be prepared to pay a bit more to get the same amount of work done.

If low pricing is your priority, maybe you should try ordering from some other site. Also, another big drawback is that does not offer PayPal as a payment option. Through our experience in talking with students and working on reviews, we have found out that PayPal is one of the favourite payment methods used by students.