Edudemius Review: An Analysis of Academic Service Offerings

In the next few paragraphs, our Edudemius review will go over all the most important details regarding this academic assistance provider. We hope that you find this information to be valuable as you evaluate a variety of companies in your search for writing help. In order to ensure that our summaries are fair and balanced, we undertake a series of steps. These allow us to gather as much information as we can. Then, we use this data to inform our recommendations. Here are the steps we followed while reviewing Edudemius.

  • Conducted an analysis of the com website to discern performance, content quality, navigation, and mobile compatibility.
  • Received and thoroughly reviewed an essay written for a university student.
  • Compared prices, discounts, and other offerings with those found on similar websites.
  • Engaged with both writers and customer service staff.
  • Read online reviews and commentary on Edudemius.
  • Researched com to determine reputation, character of writers, and to investigate any issues.

It took several hours for us to complete our investigation into Edudemius. However, we think the time spent was worthwhile. We discovered that this is an organization that is well-respected among students and those in the academic content community. Keep reading to learn more.

Pricing System

We were very happy to see that there is a link to the pricing structure right at the top of the Edudemius home page. This makes it so easy for students to know exactly what they can expect.

Like many other sites, Edudemius charges for each page of writing they produce. The price per page varies according to the grade level, deadline, and type of writing involved.

Here, prices start at 10 dollars per page. This is for a paper written for a high school student with a deadline of 14 days.  The most expensive paper is 58 dollars per page for a PhD student due within 24 hours.

We did not find coupons directly on the Edudemius website. However, we googled and found savings codes on other sites.

Types of Services

Edudemius definitely has a focus on academics. However, that hardly means their offerings are limited. They have ensured that they offer every type of writing product that a student might need. These include the standard academic works like essays, research papers, term papers, critiques, presentations, articles, mathematics assignments, multiple choice quizzes, and book reports. They also assist college applicants with admissions content, such as application essays and personal statements. Finally, they provide help to masters and doctoral candidates through thesis and dissertation assistance.

Payment Options

You can pay for orders online at using your debit or credit card. The company takes measures to ensure that payment can be made safely. They use a reputable payment processor. This ensures that customer financial information is both protected and encrypted. Out of the many reviews we read, and students who conversed with us about their experiences, none reported any issues with payments or billing.


No matter which website you consider for your academic composition needs, please read the policy and guarantee pages thoroughly. It’s very important to know exactly what a company like Edudemius means when they make a promise. For example, a company might say they offer free revisions, but what do they mean? Does everyone qualify for a free revision in every single situation? We read the policy pages at, and this is what we discovered.


Speaking of revisions, Edudemius does indeed offer these to their customers. In some cases, they are free of charge. They offer revisions in cases where the original writing does not match the requirements stated in the order. However, in order to qualify, customers must submit their request promptly. Other revisions will be handled as paid requests. After the deadline has passed, the revision will be treated as a new order.


There is absolutely no more important guarantee than this one. When students regret choosing a writing service, it’s often because they don’t receive an original paper. That’s pretty risky, considering that it could lead to an accusation of plagiarism. That’s the bad news. The good news is that has a clear and solid originality guarantee. Every writer is instructed that nothing other than original content is accepted, and every piece of writing is double-checked for plagiarism.


Your second area of concern should be about your personal and financial data privacy. As a university student, you are just beginning to establish your credit-worthiness and financial independence. You can’t afford to risk your identity or financial information getting into the wrong hands. Further, you have the right to control how your information is used online. Thankfully, Edudemius has a strong privacy policy that is designed to protect you and to give you as much power as possible over your information.


Ideally, most orders end with the student receiving an excellent paper. Still, there are things that can happen that could cause students to expect a refund. Here are the instances where Edudemius will issue a full or partial refund or account credit.

  • The customer cancels the order before any work is done — full refund.
  • The customer cancels the order with more than half the time left until the deadline — partial refund.
  • Other cancellations — company discretion.
  • Company is unable to assign a writer — full refund.
  • Double billing or payments — refund of any extra monies paid.
  • Company misses deadline — full refund if the customer does not use the requested paper.

Refunds are processed in a timely manner according to the method of payment used.

Is Edudemius Legit?

Of course, most students want the bottom line answer to the real question. Is Edudemius a legitimate website they can trust to provide them with reliable, academic assistance? In this case, the answer is yes. This online provider meets every one of our criteria for legitimacy.

Writing Quality

This is the most important consideration when we review any website. If they cannot produce writing that a student can turn in, with little or no editing, then we won’t recommend them. In this case, we can emphatically state that Edudemius meets the highest standards. We reviewed a paper from them and found it to be insightful, with no notable errors or omissions. Other students who used this service expressed similar thoughts.

Prices And Discounts

We compare prices and available discounts with writing services that offer a similar level of quality and customer service. Our research shows that this is a very competitive brand in both areas.

Ease of Use

We define ease of use according to the ability to find information or perform desired tasks on a service’s website. This includes placing an order, contacting customer support, tracking order progress, and finding information. We were able to do all of these things quickly and easily. Further, this site works very well in various browsers and screen sizes.


Every interaction we had with this service was pleasant and marked with professionalism. Further, our online research and interactions with other customers showed that our experience was universal.


As indicated by the privacy policies and other information we uncovered, security is a priority here. Students can feel confident using Edudemius.


Here’s a quick list of the positives we have uncovered.

  • One of the highest standards of writing in the industry
  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • Ease of use
  • Competitive prices
  • Security


Are there any negatives? None that are meaningful, just a few small suggestions:

  • More payment options to include Google Pay or PayPal
  • On site discounts

To Sum Up

We are happy to be able to endorse this service. We truly believe students at every grade level can trust Edudemius to help them with writing and other academic assignments. They have clearly worked hard to earn their stellar reputation.