EssayBox Review: Prices, Best Offers, and Guarantees from the Company

This is our official EssayBox review. We undertook several steps to write this detailed and objective summary. These include receiving and reviewing a paper, interacting with customer support, exploring the website, and talking with previous customers. Our purpose here is to help students select the best writing assistance resource they can use.

Pricing System

Pricing here is definitely on the high side of average. This is not always a problem. Sadly, it is in this case. The quality available simply doesn’t match up with the prices being charged. Lack of customer support is also problematic.

Writing for a college student begins at 20 dollars per page. The average is about 15 per page. These prices go up significantly until they reach nearly 60 dollars for one page. To be clear, one-page means 275 words that are double-spaced. These prices do not include extras such as plagiarism scans, summaries, or works cited pages.

The good news is that discounts are available. This includes a 5% discount for first time customers. The downside is that most other sites offer the same discount, only at 15%. Finally, it is difficult to locate these special offers.

Types of Services

We were able to find a list of available services quite easily. Students here can select from a wide variety of academic writing services. This includes essays, research papers, presentations, articles, critiques, book reports, and more. In addition to this, they also offer thesis and dissertation services. College applicants may also request help with admissions writing tasks. Although this review focuses on academic writing, copywriting services are also available.

Payment Options

EssayBox doesn`t lack in payment options. If you possess a Mastercard, Visa, Amex, or Discover, you should be able to make payments quickly and easily. PayPal is another, very secure option. Even better, our research makes it clear that payments are securely processed, and that customer data is as safe here as it would be at the vast majority of well-known retailers online. However, we always recommend students select the payment option they believe is most secure, and least intrusive.


Each time we review an online paper provider, we carefully review any guarantees or policies that are published online. We took the time to do this for the website. Happily, we can say that they showed several policy pages that very clearly explain how they back up their claims and promises. Here are some details about the most important of these EssayBox guarantees.


EssayBox published a privacy policy document that is one of the better in the industry. It is clear that they take data privacy and protection quite seriously. The privacy policy document is arranged in multiple sections. These include detailed information on social media logins, use of the site by minors, policy updates, region specific privacy policies, international distribution and storage of customer data, customer privacy rights, how to modify browser settings to reduce the company’s ability to track online behavior, use of cookies, and more.

EssayBox also provides contact information for students who may feel concerns about privacy. We read this policy thoroughly and did not find any indication of whether they are GDPR compliant.


We noted that students may request free revisions from EssayBox. Of course, this offer does not come without restrictions. These requests must be made within a ten-day window. However, an extension is granted for larger writing projects such as dissertations. In that case, it is 20 days. Students should also note that free revisions are meant to be used in cases where the writer omitted something or must fix something they completed poorly. Other changes must be submitted to EssayBox as a paid request.

Terms And Conditions

This is the longest policy document on the site. It goes over customer rights and the rights and responsibilities of all staff members and associates. This is an important document to understand as it quite literally explains how the site may be used, how products may be used, and what is expected of everyone. Think of this as a master document. It even instructs students in making payments and explains how that process is secured. One can see even an important warning regarding links to external websites.

Did you know that you can use a paper your reception for study and other academic purposes, but you agree not to sell it to anyone else? These are the kinds of details that students should know. Fortunately, all of this detail is right here. This includes a policy that they are not responsible should you receive a poor grade on any paper from EssayBox.

Money Back

This is regarding their policy documents on refunds. Here, certain instances are listed where a full or partial refund is granted. Several examples of these are given along with a detailed explanation of the processing of refunds. This includes typical situations such as order cancellations or late delivery. This policy document makes it quite clear when refunds will or will not be granted. Also, it details when a prorated refund might be made available as an alternative to a full refund.

Is EssayBox Legit? is a legitimate website in the sense that they offer a product for sale, and they deliver that product to the customers who place an order. We found no scam here. We believe that EssayBox operates with good intentions, and adheres to standard rules of business ethics. They also work to protect customer data and to process orders securely and discretely.

On the other hand, we must also take some other factors into consideration. Specifically, does EssayBox deliver the kind of written works that students can submit to their professors with confidence? Do they charge fair prices that are in line with quality delivered? What about their customer service practices. Sadly, it is in these areas where things begin to go badly.


We did find some positive features. They are worth listing as students should consider these before making their final decision regarding EssayBox.

  • A very secure payment system.
  • Wide variety of online payment options.
  • Top quality website design at
  • Great website design
  • Published policies that are clear, fair, and easy to understand.


Even though we were initially impressed with the website design and user experience at, there were also several negatives. These significantly deteriorated our overall EssayBox experience. Worse, many students were negatively impacted, as well. Here is what we discovered:

  • Substandard writing, including poor research and grammatical issues.
  • Prices not in line with overall quality.
  • Very lackluster customer support.
  • A link to EssayBox writing samples, but none are actually provided.
  • No supporting or informative content.

To Sum Up

We took a lot of different factors into consideration as we reviewed They did quite well in many areas. They built an exceptionally well-designed website. In fact, we can state that EssayBox might possess the best site of any we’ve reviewed thus far. Their policies are fair and easy to understand. Students can make secure payments using a variety of attractive and secure options.

In spite of these things, we are not able to endorse EssayBox. This is because we must prioritize writing quality above everything else. Unfortunately, this is where they fall short. While the writing here is not terrible, it simply doesn’t reach the standards of paid academic writing. There don’t appear to be enough QA steps taken, and many writers aren’t as qualified as they need to be to write for college students. That’s why we must encourage students to take a hard pass on EssayBox. Other, minor factors that contributed to this negative summary included prices that were too high and poor customer service response. Instead, take a closer look at some of our positive reviews. We happily recommended many other sites.