Find from EssayEdge Review What Makes Their Services Special

EssayEdge is one of those companies that help students worldwide with editing services. When we decided to build this EssayEdge review, we had a clear purpose in our minds. We want to present to our readers an objective and legit review. Therefore, we started checking the information available on The company’s official site is the best source of verified information from where clients can understand how the vendor operates and what type of services it delivers to its clients. We were happy to find a well-structured site, with a professional look. We immediately could find information on the services delivered and the available prices.

As we built this review in an objective way, we feel it is correct from our side to highlight the cons as well. So, we consider that the company should work more on developing its refunds and revisions policies. Even though the company has a paragraph dedicated to this aspect, we consider that it isn’t detailed enough. Besides, the discount policy isn’t detailed enough to make the company’s services attractive. More details on the things we found will be detailed in the paragraphs below.

Prices and Discounts

When they decide to order editing services on, clients can choose from four pricing packages. The standard package costs $149 for editing services for a maximum of 600 words. It includes an editing session together with a critical review of the content. Also, it includes a follow-up email with the editor and a second review of the essay. These services will be delivered in 48 hours. In case the content has more words, the price will go up proportionally.

The premier package costs $379. It is available for papers of a maximum of 600 words. Apart from editing services, it has personalized recommendations from the editor on how to structure the essay and what should be added in terms of content. The first step will be a brainstorming session with the editor and it will continue with 1:1 conversations with him/her until the client gets the essay that will get them the approval to the college of their dreams. The services included in this package have a turnaround time of 14 days.

The proofreading package will cost the client $69 if he/she needs proofreading services for the content of a maximum of 600 words. This service is ideal for those customers who already have their admission papers almost ready to be submitted. However, they can choose this package to work with an editor and take a look at what they’ve written so far and come with suggestions. The proofreader will check the paper for any typos or grammatical errors and make a final polish to the paper. The deadline for such services is very short, meaning 48 hours.

The All-in-One package is dedicated to large orders. The price for papers of a maximum of 2400 words is $229. When students apply for a college, students usually need to upload different documents. Therefore, by choosing this package offered by EssayEdge, students can upload a minimum of 3 admission documents and work with EssayEdge’s editors to craft them and make them 100% coherent. The package includes follow-up conversations with the editors and second reading from their side. Therefore, this package is a comprehensive alternative for those students who want to forget about the stress caused by the admission process.

When it comes to discounts, EssayEdge collaborates with StudentBeans. According to the information presented on, students can benefit from a 10% discount if they register for free on the StudentBeans platform. Even though this discount might seem attractive, we consider that EssayEdge should work more on improving its discount offer and come with different levels of price reductions to make its offer more attractive for students.

List of Services

EssayEdge offers editing and proofreading services on different types of admission documents. The company works with professionals who have expertise in different topics. Therefore, they can work on college admission papers, but also they can write papers for graduate or MBA levels. In addition, the professionals who collaborate with EssayEdge can deliver editing services for medical, law, and academic areas.

Apart from admission essays, EssayEdge collaborates with professionals who can work on personal statements and recommendation letters, but they can also polish a statement of purpose, motivation letter, or supplementary essay. For young professionals, EssayEdge comes with CV and resume editing and proofreading. This service is a great opportunity for young professionals who need expert help to polish their CVs so that they can get the job of their dreams.

Payment Instruments

The customers who want to pay for their orders on don’t have anything to worry about their bank details and accounts. They can use safe payment instruments. The orders will be paid before the editor starts working on the orders. Also, the client can use his/her cards. The vendor accepts cards issued by VISA, AMEX, MasterCard, and Discover. Besides, the vendor allows customers to pay for their orders via PayPal or Alipay. These methods are as safe as the payments via cards and they are also very easy to use.

Terms and Conditions

A company is reliable when it has clear policies that help both the client and the writer understand how their collaboration should be handled. Also, clear policies make the company more reliable and convince clients to keep collaborating with it in the long term. EssayEdge still has to work on this section as they don’t have a well-developed policy for revisions and refunds.

All we could find when we checked was a section dedicated to refunds. It is part of the Terms and Conditions section. According to this paragraph, the company puts consistent efforts to offer the highest level of customer satisfaction to its customers. Therefore, they encourage the clients who were not satisfied with the services they received to contact them immediately. EssayEdge’s customer support department will analyze the request and come with a fair solution as quickly as possible.

Also, the company mentions that they won’t take into consideration any refund request submitted in more than 90 days than the date when the editor submitted the paper. Besides, they won’t consider any request for cases when the client didn’t send clear instructions or failed to respond to the editor’s request for additional information.

When it comes to revisions, the company doesn’t have any policy in place. As the admission essay is a sensitive topic for a student, we consider that the company should be more flexible when it comes to revisions and refunds. EssayEdge needs to offer its clients the certainty they will receive the quality they expect. Otherwise, the client should get his/her money back.

Website Reliability

We consider that has all the data to be considered a reliable site. How did we reach this conclusion? First, the clients can pay for their orders using safe payment instruments. This means that uses an SSL secure payment system that allows customers to pay for their orders using their cards without putting their accounts at risk in any way. Also, we discovered that EssayEdge has a privacy policy. Therefore, follows clear confidentiality rules that protect the customers’ identity and make the site 100% legit.


We discovered the following positive features when we evaluated EssayEdge services:

  • Diverse pricing packages
  • Legit site
  • Detailed list of services
  • Secure payment instruments


EssayEdge should improve the following areas:

  • Offer a more attractive discount program
  • Develop comprehensive refunds and revisions policies


EssayEdge attracts its clients with editing services for admission documents. They have different pricing packages that attract various categories of clients. Also, the company offers a 10% discount for clients. Even though the discount might be attractive, we consider that EssayEdge should put more effort into developing a diverse list of discounts. When it comes to site reliability, we consider that It allows customers to pay for their orders with legit payment instruments such as cards or PayPal. Despite these positive features, we consider that EssayEdge should work on developing its policies on refunds and revisions. Thus, they will inspire more trust in clients and convince them to keep submitting orders on