EssayPro Review: Is a Great Paper Only a Bid Away?

EssayPro is a site that operates a bit uniquely. Here, students submit orders, and review bids they receive from professional writers. Then, they select the bid and writer they think is best qualified. We’ve written this EssayPro review to explore this online paper provider, and see if they are worth your time and money. Take a few minutes to look at our criteria:

  • Excellent writing
  • Superb customer service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Ease of use
  • Security
  • Top Reputation

So, how do we determine if EssayPro meets our criteria? We take the following steps:

  • We spend a significant amount of time exploring the website and reading content.
  • Read online reviews of EssayPro.
  • Interact with students who have used these services.
  • Conduct price and discount comparisons.
  • Receive and review an essay written by an EssayPro writer.

Pricing System

Unlike many other companies, there are no set prices here. Instead, every order is made visible to qualified writers. These writers then review each bid to see if it is in their area of expertise and if they are interested. If so, they submit a bid. The student compares prices to see what they like.

We think this encourages competition among writers, something that helps maintain budget pricing. Of course, the only drawback is that students may be too tempted by low bids. We encourage them to remember that the best essayists at EssayPro may charge slightly higher rates. This is because their work is in high demand, and quality does cost a bit of money.

Keep in mind that students negotiate services with writers directly. This includes any extras that are included. Because of this, there are no coupons or discount codes.

Types of Services

It becomes clear when you place an order that EssayPro was created to help students. Their services are entirely academic in nature. Students may request help with writing and other assignments, including essays, research papers, term papers, book reports, critiques, argumentative essays, scholarship essays, lab reports, analysis papers, presentations, speeches, and other works. They also have proofreading and editing services. EssayPro also offers paper editing and rewriting services. These are perfect for providing a fresh take on your work.

Payment Options

Things are pretty standard here. You can make your payment using your debit or credit card. All payment processing is secure. If you feel safe making a payment at your favorite online retailer, you should feel safe making a payment at EssayPro.

Because this is a bidding site, there is one difference with the way in which payments are processed. The money a student pays goes into escrow. The money is only released to the writer when the student accepts their final paper.


EssayPro has published a set of policy documents to detail what guarantees they offer to customers and website visitors. We’ll provide some details about these below. However, we also urge you to read these documents yourself. They are always subject to change, and you should ensure that you understand the policies that apply when you place your order.

Refund Policy

The refund policy states the company is obligated to deliver quality products on time. If they fail to do so, customers may be eligible for a full or partial refund. This may happen in a variety of situations. For example, the writer may cancel after accepting a bid, or the paper will not be delivered on time. Refund amounts can range from 100% to significantly less. This document is important because it indicates that the company backs its guarantees with a clear promise of refunds and credits.

Privacy Policy

Every person who uses the internet should understand how their information is collected, used, and stored. The privacy policy here is easy to read and explains everything in layman’s terms. It also shows how cookies are utilized to create the desired user experience.

Terms And Conditions

This document lays out every other policy that isn’t covered in other documents. This is a bit of a master document that explains how the site works, how orders are placed, and how students can use the site’s resources. This includes placing an order. The doc also addresses how to make changes to an order, and how to make payment for those last minute changes.

Is EssayPro Legit?

Would we feel comfortable placing an order for an essay or research paper at EssayPro? Would we spend our hard-earned money there? What about trusting a writer with an important assignment? On all counts, the answer is emphatically yes. Here are the specific areas of concern that we considered as we came to this conclusion.

Is The Writing Top Quality?

We were very impressed with the quality of writing we received from EssayPro. The essay was well-researched, and the writer did a great job of selecting resources. We didn’t find any significant mistakes in spelling or grammar either. We also read the same when it comes to other student reviews and insights. Overall, everything here is positive and on the right track.

How Are The Customer Support Agents?

There’s an option to speak to a live customer support agent at If you have questions, that’s the best way to get the answers you need. We found that these folks are very nice, and they really know their stuff.

What About Prices?

Of course, prices at EssayPro vary greatly. The bids you receive will depend on the type of paper you request, your deadline, and the level of experience of your writer.  Still, we found that prices overall were quite competitive. In many cases, you spend less as long as you are willing to wait awhile for the right bid to come through. In any case, we truly enjoyed the control the bidding process gives the customer.

Is The Website Easy to Use?

Nobody wants to visit an academic service website, then spend several minutes trying to figure out where anything is. It should be easy to find a policy document, read website content, converse with customer support, place an order, etc. Clearly, EssayPro management has deployed a team of professional web designers to create a very impressive user experience.

Is it Safe And Secure?

The answer is yes. You will be safe visiting this website, placing an order, even making payment. Standard security protocols are enforced. The site is actually quite safe.


Obviously, we have found plenty of great things to say about Now, let’s round up their best features into a comprehensive list.

  • It’s simple to find out exactly how qualified writers are.
  • The process of placing an order, reviewing bids, and making payment is very easy.
  • Clear, easy to understand company policies.
  • There’s a blog to make visiting the site even more enjoyable.
  • Customers have a lot of control with the bidding system.
  • Price per paper is much lower than many other services.
  • Excellent customer support team available 24/7


We have to be honest here. It took us quite a while to find any negatives that were even worth mentioning. Still, these small faults we were able to find with EssayPro certainly seem a bit nit-picky. If we were in charge at, we would make these very small adjustments:

  • Not all writers are native English speakers
  • It can take a few hours to find a writer due to the bidding process
  • Students should be wary of bids that are too low

To Sum Up

Ultimately, EssayPro is full of positives, with almost no negative points. That is why we are happy to give them our ringing endorsement. Students who order papers from can expect to receive quality writing at an appropriate grade level. All of this is further bolstered by an excellent website, professional customer support, and some of the best prices online. Because of their fantastic performance in all areas, we are happy to add EssayPro to our list of top essay websites.

Looking for help with a paper today? You should definitely head over to If you prefer to shop around a bit, feel free to check out our other reviews. We have reviewed many sites, and are your premier source for online, academic service information.