EssaysDeluxe Review: How to Make a Wise Choice?

When we set about to take a look at EssaysDeluxe, we subjected it to the same tough standards that we use to evaluate and rate all writing agencies that we investigate. To check the meeting of those standards, we dug deep into all of the following:

  • We reviewed all of the content on the EssaysDeluxe website – well, almost all of it. There is just so much. We carefully read all of the main pages from the links. We reviewed what EssaysDeluxe had to say about its offerings; we read through several footer pages that provide more detail on products and services, and we chose three samples and three blog posts to read too. We were looking for information but also for the caliber of English writing in all of these places.
  • We checked out pricing, benefits, discounts, how these are all determined and executed.
  • We put out a call for users of our site to comment on their experiences with if they had ever used it. We also asked them to contact friends who had been customers and ask for feedback. We got quite a few responses which provided great information on the processes and operations of EssaysDeluxe.
  • We also looked at customer reviews that were submitted to some of the major consumer review sites. These also provided key information about EssaysDeluxe.

After all of these investigations, we are providing seekers of writing services with this EssaysDeluxe review.

Pricing System

Visitors to the EssaysDeluxe website will have an immediate chance to get a preliminary pricing quote. This has value because, especially for students, it’s good to know if the company prices are within their budgets before they move forward to explore the rest of the website.

Costs are based on three factors – what is being ordered? What is the grade level of the student customer? When must the piece be completed and delivered? Now, there are other non-academic writing services too, and they have their own pricing guidelines at EssaysDeluxe.

For students, pricing begins at $12.99/page and increases based on the factors above. Probably the top cost is $47.99/page, and that is at the doctoral level with a deadline within hours.

Other things that may affect a decision to use EssaysDeluxe are possible discounts, freebies, and extras for which fees will be charged.

In terms of discounts, there is a 17% one for newcomers. Other discounts are based on returning customer orders. There is a link for discounts, and customers should read through that page to understand the details. We were also informed by one of our calls to the customer support department that there are other EssaysDeluxe special sales at various times, and they will be posted.

There are some benefits that may be attractive because they are free. Students will not have to pay for title, table of contents, or bibliography pages; they will not have to pay extra for specified formatting; and they will get free revisions and a plagiarism scan.

Customers can also opt for some fee-based extras at the point of checkout. These include more personalized customer service, the selection of a more expert writer, a one-page summary, copies of the resources a writer has used, and a plagiarism report, as opposed to a simple scan. All of these come with fees, so students should think about what they really need.

Types of Services

Here is where EssaysDeluxe earns the title “Big Box Store” for writing. The list is large and encompasses a huge list of academic writing but also professional and business products and services.

Academic Offerings

Students at any grade level will find whatever they could possibly need.

  • Any type of essay writing. This includes the basic essays that high school and college students will write in English composition courses and the more complex research essays that are required in many courses.
  • Research papers for anyone, on any topic, produced by EssaysDeluxe writers who are degreed in those topic fields.
  • Lab reports in the hard sciences
  • Case studies
  • Annotated bibliographies
  • Critical analyses
  • Book reviews
  • Homework
  • Test-taking
  • STEM projects and problems
  • IT projects
  • Admissions essays and other applicant materials
  • Research projects and proposals
  • Sections/chapters of theses and dissertations
  • Re-writing
  • Editing and proofreading

Professional/Business Offerings

  • Resumes, CV’s, cover letters
  • Skills testing
  • White papers
  • E-books
  • Business plans
  • Copywriting content for websites, blogs, and social media
  • Grants
  • Marketing materials
  • Press Releases

This is a huge list, and Essays Deluxe states that it has the writers and the departments to cover it all. It is one thing to claim this but quite another to actually produce these products and deliver these services with top quality. To rate quality, we have done the following:

  • We reviewed the site content, three footer pages, three samples, and three blog posts. We found exceptional writing and a solid scholastic style. The samples included a research paper on the medical condition, phlebitis, a business law essay, and a literary analysis of characters from two novels. Most of the blog posts relate to writing skills and tips. The three we read were on writing a process paper, crafting a scholarship essay, and writing a movie review. These were excellent and provided great information.
  • EssaysDeluxe customers who submitted feedback to our site were very “high” on this company. They praised the writing quality, the resources used, and the responsiveness of their writers in keeping them informed and, in some cases, sending interim drafts for approval. A few of these students did ask for revisions and promptly got them.
  • Customers who wrote EssaysDeluxe testimonials reiterated most of what our users stated. Overall, they gave the company 4-5 stars.

So, quantity and quality are both present, and we are certainly impressed.

Payment Options

Customers can choose several currencies – U.S. dollars, British pounds, Euros, or Canadian and Australian dollars. And given the international reach of EssaysDeluxe, the company offers payment by every major bank card, PayPal, or wire transfer.

It is natural to be nervous about providing bank card information to an online retailer, especially if using them for the first time. EssaysDeluxe understands this. With that in mind, it does not process payments itself. Instead, it uses an outside payment processor that has all of the latest security measures in place – the same processor used by a lot of reputable e-commerce retailers.

Guarantees has four written policies – Terms of use, Cookies, Privacy, and Money-Back. Some of the company guarantees are contained in these policies. Others are stated in the EssaysDeluxe site content. Here is a short summary of the guarantees you have:

  • Originality: EssaysDeluxe scans every finished piece of writing for plagiarism. Nothing plagiarized will ever be delivered to a client. If it is found, it is fixed. Another important key – once a customer takes delivery of a product, it is wiped from the company system, so that it can never be seen or used by anyone else.
  • On-Time Delivery: EssaysDeluxe insists that products will be delivered on time. If ever a product is late, there will be a refund and discounts on future orders.
  • Protection of Confidentiality: EssaysDeluxe privacy covers this guarantee. All customers must submit certain personal information, but that is encrypted and securely stored. Customers are assigned an ID number which is used on the site. The other important guarantee here is that EssaysDeluxe will never share customer information with anyone.
  • Revisions: Customers can request unlimited revisions until they are satisfied with the final product. There is one caveat here – revision requests must not change the original order. If they do, there will be a fee.
  • Refunds: EssaysDeluxe will provide refunds under certain conditions, as detailed in this policy.

Customers who had to make use of EssaysDeluxe guarantees all state that the company honors those in practice.

Is Site Legit?

We can definitely state that is a legitimate writing service. But there are many writing services that are legitimate. What sets companies like EssaysDeluxe apart from the majority of these other companies is that they far exceed simple legitimacy. They have a commitment to their customers that goes beyond just taking orders and delivering products. EssaysDeluxe will do whatever it takes to gain client satisfaction. They want long—term customers, not one-time gigs.


There are really too many pros to list here, but these are the ones that stand out:

  • EssaysDeluxe customers can expect top caliber research and writing
  • Lots of communication between customer and writer
  • Commitment to client satisfaction


We have two suggestions:

  • Greater number and variety of samples
  • Consider blog posts that address some of the challenges students face in the pandemic

To Sum Up

It is not often that we give a writing service top ratings in all categories of our evaluations. But once we completed our investigation, it became clear that this was one of those rare instances. We are most impressed that the company is operating with one overall mission – to develop long-term relationships based on trust, transparency, and top quality products and services.