EssayTigers Review: Rating a Popular Writing Service

What is EssayTigers? It’s a large, well-known academic writing service that targets students in the United States and other English-speaking regions. They’ve been in business since 2013, and we receive regular requests for our insights on this writing provider.

As always, we are happy to oblige. In order to learn as much as possible about this academic content company, we took the following steps:

  • We spent a lot of time on learning about policies, services, and other details.
  • We compared prices with other services.
  • We also took a close look at discounts.
  • We evaluated a completed essay for quality and completeness.
  • We read verified reviews from student customers.

Once we finished these tasks, it was time to write this review. Here, we answer your questions about this academic service consultancy. So, is this a company you can trust? Should you rely on them for help with your next writing assignment? Keep reading, and we’ll let you know!

Pricing System

There are two basic types of online writing services. The first is an online marketplace. This is where students place orders for writing help, and writers place their bids on those orders. The second is a service provider. These have established prices for products and services. EssayTigers is a service provider.

One of the positives of using a service like EssayTigers is that you can learn your final price, before you even place an order. You can also make use of discount programs, if they are available. On the other hand, you have less freedom of choice. It’s up to you to decide if that trade-off is in your best interest.

How do EssayTigers prices compare with other services? We found that the rates they charge are pretty much in line with other companies in this industry.

Do they charge the same rates for every paper?  No! Like other companies, their prices vary. The price per page depends on the type of writing, grade level, and urgency.

What about discounts? We did find some discounts as we explored the website. They offer referral discounts, and a loyalty program. The downside is that these are a bit complicated. The savings is nice, but many students might prefer a more simple discount program.

The final note we have is related to extra charges. This service may charge extra fees for allowing students to select a specific writer, delivering additional content, or providing VIP customers support. This is a standard industry practice.

Types of Services

EssayTigers is primarily known as a service for use by college and university students. For this review, we made arrangements to receive a college level essay. This was a paper that was written for a lower-level college student. Our goal was to review a bit of a ‘softball’ assignment. We presumed this would give any academic writer a chance to shine a bit.

Overall, we were happy with the paper we received. It was delivered before the deadline. The writer did a decent job. They followed our instructions, the citations were appropriate, and there weren’t any significant errors. However, we cannot say that the paper was stellar. It lacked much in the way of insight and analysis.

The company does offer a wide array of academic writing services. These include the standards such as:

  • Research Papers
  • Term Papers
  • Admissions Essays
  • Scholarship Essays
  • Book Reviews
  • Critiques
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Lab Reports
  • More

There is also a section on the EssayTigers order form for assistance with homework assignments. Rather than using the service for academic writing, some students use EssayTigers for assistance with problem solving, multiple choice questions, worksheets, and other work.

The EssayTigers website does mention business writing. However, when we looked at the order form, we did not notice an option for copywriting or business services. We also did not find CV or resume services. This does not mean these services are unavailable. However, anyone interested may need to contact customer support to learn how to access these offerings.

Finally, the company offers editing, proofreading, and rewriting services. These may be included as part of an order for academic writing. Students may also choose proofreading and editing assistance as stand alone products.

Payment Options

It is standard for companies in this industry to request payment at the time the customer places an order. EssayTigers adheres to this tradition. Customers who place an order on are routed to a page for making payment. There, they can pay using debit or credit cards. They may also use PayPal. The payment option is secure. We believe that customers can feel confident in making their payment. We did not read any reviews that indicated there was a loss of data, or violation of financial privacy. The company reviews we read appeared to be happy with the payment options they were offered.


EssayTigers makes mention of several guarantees on the website. These are found in a variety of locations. The most important of these are the policy pages that are located on the website. We read these thoroughly to ensure that we understood these guarantees and other policies completely.

Here are the policies as we understand them based on statements made on the service website, and in their policy pages:

  • All work is done by degreed writers who are fluent in English.
  • Work will be delivered on or before the due date.
  • All work is to be completely original.
  • The writer will adhere to the instructions the student provides when they place an order.
  • Customers may receive a free revision if their paper does not live up to their standards.
  • Free revisions are not allowed if the revision request contradicts the original instructions.

We did not encounter any issues that would have involved us invoking any of these guarantees. So, we had to rely on reviews written by other customers. Many of these reviews were quite positive. While there were a few unhappy customers, most students were happy with the way that issues were resolved.

Finally, the company makes several guarantees regarding customer privacy. These are detailed in the privacy policy document. This paper ensures that customer data will not be sold to third parties. It also indicates that payment and personal information is kept on secure servers. Again, these policies are very standard for this industry.

Is EssayTigers Legit?

When we say that EssayTigers is legit, we mean the following:

  • The company is an actively running business.
  • They deliver products and services as ordered.
  • The website is safe to use and visit.
  • There is not significant evidence that this is a fraudulent service.

However, this does not mean that the company  meets our standards for endorsement. A service can have many flaws, and receive multiple negative reviews. A full summary of our thoughts on this service is below.


Overall, there are many good things to say about EssayTigers. The company is well known enough that they can be trusted to deliver a decent writing product. We found it easy to place an order. There is also an excellent blog, writing tools, and other helpful content. These posts are relevant and up to date.


Unfortunately, we did uncover some negatives about EssayTigers. The first is that the discounts on are needlessly complex. We also thought it was quite confusing that the company offers  business writing, but doesn’t provide an easy means to order it. Finally, the writing quality is good, albeit inconsistent.

To Sum Up

Now that we have reached the end of this EssayTigers review, we can reveal our final thoughts. At this time, we do not endorse this service. In fact, our overall rating is neutral. Clearly EssayTigers has been around for quite some time, and has earned a significant customer base. This wouldn’t be the case if they were not a legitimate business. On the other hand, we simply were not ‘wowed’ by the writing product we received. Since we only wish to fully endorse the best services available, they just slightly missed the mark

For students who do decide to use the service, we offer the following advice:

  • Provide clear instructions.
  • Use PayPal or other secure payment methods.
  • Communicate with your writer.
  • Familiarize yourself with policies and guarantees.

Please consider reading out other reviews to learn more about many of the other services we endorse.