GradeMiners Review: A Look at a Popular Service

In this GradeMiners review, we have conducted extensive research in order to learn as much as possible about this very popular writing provider. We have analyzed the website and online content, reviewed a college level essay, compared prices and discounts, conducted an online search, and spoke with other students. In doing all of these things, we feel as if we are well-prepared to advise students on overall quality, concerns to consider, answer important questions, and give a final recommendation. Keep reading to learn precisely what we discovered.

Pricing System

We wish there was a pricing page on GradeMiners. Unfortunately, there is not. Students who are concerned about pricing will have to begin to place an order before they can determine cost. This is pretty inconvenient and a bit invasive. It forces students to engage the company and share personal data just to get information. From our research, a college essay is 18.19 per page. This isn’t exceptionally overpriced. However, it does lean a bit towards the expensive side of things. As with other services, prices vary according to grade level and deadline. Extra services may be ordered for students who want a top writer or premium customer support. There is a place to enter a discount code. However, we did not find any of these on the website.

Types of Services

We were able to locate a description of services and found that this is entirely an academic writing provider. They offer services and products, including essays, term papers, lab reports, Capstone projects, research papers, and presentations. They’ll also help students with problem-solving needs. Graduate student services are available by way of thesis and dissertation assistance. In addition to writing, they also have a proofreading and editing service. Finally, students seeking jobs can take advantage of a resume and cover letter writing service.

Payment Options

We reviewed the available payment options and found that things are pretty much like other websites. The company accepts both credit and debit card payment options. Specifically, Amex, Visa, Discover, and MasterCard are accepted. We did not notice that the payment options include PayPal, Google Pay, Samsung, or Apple Pay. They also do not accept crypto payments. This isn’t a deal-breaker. Still, it is disappointing that no effort has been made to allow for payment options that might be attractive to digitally forward students.

It appears as though payment processing here is secure and encrypted. That said, consider using the safest method of making payment available to you. There are digital debit cards that allow you to generate a card number, expiration date, and CVV number for a single transaction. You might also use a preloaded debit card.


In most cases, we find several policy pages and guarantees published to a single website. That is not the case with Instead, they have just one single page called ‘Guarantees’. In this document, GradeMiners has about a paragraph, perhaps a bit more on quality assurance, refunds, customer support, paper editing, and more. Here’s a bit more detail about the information provided about these policies and guarantees.

Quality Assurance

GradeMiners states that they have several safeguards in check to make sure every paper is okay. These checks include validation to prevent plagiarism. The policy guarantees that no papers are resold for any purpose. Further, writers are assigned to orders based on their experience and subject expertise.

Customer Support

Customers who need support may access help 24/7 on the GradeMiners website. Anyone with a question or concern is urged to make contact.

Editing Services

The document mentioned above encourages students to purchase GradeMiners editing services. This is a paid service in addition to other quality assurance checking.


We were happy to see that GradeMiners addressed confidentiality and data privacy on their website. They indicate a commitment to protect customer information and financial data. Further, there is specific contact information available at GradeMiners for anyone who has data privacy protections and concerns.

Also, there is a separate privacy policy document on the website. This goes into very detailed information regarding how information is collected, stored, and used. It addresses customer responsibilities, use of cookies, and more. We were quite impressed to note that the site goes into great detail regarding data encryption.


GradeMiners does accept refund requests in some cases. However, this policy is not very specific. From what we are able to tell, refunds are absolutely discretionary. This means they are only given if the request is approved on an individual basis.

Is GradeMiners Legit?

We do want to state without hesitation that GradeMiners is a legitimate company with a legitimate website. GradeMiners is owned by a parent company that is based in Europe. This firm is also the owner of several other internet based academic service providers. By legitimate, we mean that customers are able to place an order, and can expect to receive a product for the money they pay. However, this is not an endorsement of overall quality.

Sadly, we discovered some pretty significant issues when it came to quality, customer support, and reputation. The GradeMiners service seems to leave many of their customers upset and frustrated. There are frequent complaints about work being incomplete, delivered late, or of low quality. Many of the writers appear to be less qualified than they should be. Revision requests are often dealt with in an unsatisfactory manner as well. Many students report negative experiences with customer support agents. In our case, we received a paper that simply wasn’t very good. We also struggled when trying to communicate with customer service agents.


We always make every effort to be fair. We did find some positive things to say about GradeMiners. Here are a few of the most important:

  • The site provides visitors with a lot of free tools that are very helpful.
  • com has very good discount offers.
  • Payment options are safe and secure.
  • The website writing is very well done and interesting to read.
  • The overall website experience and navigation are very well done.


In this case, our list of negative points is pretty short. Unfortunately, the things that did make the list are a massive deal. Each one of these things should be concerning to any student who is interested in using Here’s that list:

  • The documents they provide simply do not pass academic muster.
  • Students who have used GradeMiners often leave poor reviews to the point of accusing the service of gross dishonesty.
  • Customer support simply does not appear to care when customers attempt to register a complaint.

To Sum Up

Even though we were able to list quite a few good points about GradeMiners, we cannot recommend them. Some of our concerns were minor. For example, we weren’t too impressed with the less than straightforward information available about founding, and audience. However, the larger influences in our decision included poor quality writing and research, unimpressive customer service, and an overall negative reputation among current and past customers. It is precisely for these reasons that we strongly encourage students to consider using a different internet based writing service.

The truth is that although there are great writing tools and sound advice here, students simply cannot rely on GradeMiners for help with writing college level papers. Ultimately, that is what we are judging. Since the company failed on that count, we have to give them a failing grade.

As a next step, we encourage you to read our other reviews. We absolutely have other services that we strongly recommend. These companies are sure to provide students like you with the kind of help you can use when you are desperate for academic help.