PaperFellows Review – A Service for Students Looking for Top-Quality Academic Writing

We wanted to test the quality of their services, website, and overall business practices. PaperFellows have a solid online presence, backed up by good reviews on Trustpilot and similar review sites.

In the online writing industry, many factors are important to stay relevant to your customers, such as prices, quality, delivery time, and money-back guarantees. We will check them out closely in the following paragraphs.

Pricing System

PaperFellows pricing range and policy is similar to most competitors within the industry. Your total price will be based upon: the deadline, number of pages, and academic level of difficulty.

Customers have an option to see those prices in 5 different currencies: EUR, GDP, USD, CAD, AUD.

Their pricing range starts at $12.99, which is the norm in the industry.

If you want to get a quote, you have an option to use their online calculator that has a clean design, and it’s really simple to use. It is located on the homepage of

Bellow, we will explain the most important factors that determine the price:

  1. Total number of pages – for this factor, it’s important to remember that one page consists of 275 words, which is usually the case with every competitor as well
  2. The deadline – is a factor you have the most control over. If you place your reservation early and PaperFellows writer has more time to do the work, your total cost will be significantly lower.
  3. Academics level – or in other words, level of difficulty is the most important factor, and your price will be much different if you’re ordering a one-page article compared with the Ph.D. thesis as an example

Discounts represent a really important tool for customers to lower their total cost with online writing service providers.  As with many other providers within the industry, PaperFellows offers 1st-time customer discounts and lifetime discounts.

They also have special sale discounts, which are basically those discounts you receive throughout the year in your email. This is an important competitive advantage in terms of marketing because most competitors do have a similar option, but they don’t advertise it well enough.

As a newcomer, you are eligible for a 20% discount, which represents the industry average.

When it comes to lifetime discounts, the PaperFellows team bases their discounts on the total number of pages ordered and not on the total amount of money spent. We always applauded anyone who based their lifetime discounts in this way because it’s a much more ethical business practice.

Lifetime discounts range is between 5% – 15%. For a total of 15 pages ordered, you’re eligible for a 5% discount, for 50 pages, you get 10%, and for 100+ pages, you get the maximum 15% discount.

The total cost can go much higher if you decide to choose some extra options, such as choosing the best writer from the PaperFellows team.

Types of Services

Academic Paper Writing is the most common service used by students who are struggling with many exams and deadlines waiting on them.

Rewriting is another tool focused on the final polishing of your work, whether you need the whole work to be rewritten or just the part of it.

Maths, Physics, Economics, and Statistics Problems represent the most difficult subject of all. If you’re performing any type of research, you know how difficult it could be, especially if it’s your 1st time doing it.

Multiple Choice Questions is an excellent service for students who are stuck with deadlines and many exams waiting on them, and they need help from the PaperFellows expert to make sure they will receive a high grade.

Proofreading and Editing is an important service for adding the final touch of professionalism to your work. You want to make sure there are no grammar errors in your work and your work to be accepted on the very first submission.

Copywriting is a service for professionals looking for an expert to write their blog post, an article, or some other type of professional web-based content.

Admission Services is used by future academics looking to increase their chances of landing the all-important interview.

Dissertation Services is another service from PaperFellows often used by students who want to either improve the quality of their own dissertation or want to order one from scratch. There is also an option to just order one part of the work, such as the research part.

Resume/ CV writing is the most important tool for unemployed professionals looking to find a way to stand out from the crowd and land the interview.

Payment Methods

When it comes to payments, PaperFellows offer a standard package of payment methods:

  1. PayPal
  2. Credit Cards: American Express, Visa, Discover, Master Card
  3. Wire transfer

Due to the online nature of their business, we suggest you use PayPal on the site.


PaperFellows shares a standard cancellation and money-back guarantee policy that’s commonly used by almost all players in the industry.

Those guarantees are divided into 3 different categories:

  1. When orders are canceled, the most important thing is the time of your cancellation. If you cancel before the PaperFellows team has assigned a writer, you’re eligible for 100% compensation. If you cancel once the writer has been assigned, the maximum compensation you’re eligible for is 70%. In the worst-case scenario, cancellation after the writer has been assigned, and more than half the deadline has passed, you’re eligible for a maximum of 50% refund
  2. When delivery is late is calculated on a case-by-case basis by the PaperFellows support team. There are few rules you have to watch for, and those are enlisted on the site. For long-term orders, your total compensation equals to 7%
  3. Claims of poor quality represent the most subjective claims of them all. In the best-case scenario, you’re eligible for a maximum of 70% refund. It’s really important to file your claim properly and on time. After that, your case will be investigated by the PaperFellows Quality Assurance Team.

Is Site Legit?

The site is a 100% legit site with good reviews all over the internet and with many years of experience. They do have a solid team of writers behind it and a high-quality website that’s easy to navigate and use.

Their communication options are pretty common ones for today’s online world, such as chat, email, and phone calls.


  • The 3rd discount option. Usually, every provider within the online writing industry has 2 discount options to offer. Their 3rd option is an important market differentiator.
  • Clean design and simplicity of their website, which allows users to navigate around their site with ease.
  • Simple online calculator, which makes the process of getting a quote really quick and painless.
  • The pricing is affordable, and lifetime discounts are based on the total number of pages and not on the total amount of money spent.
  • Good reviews on popular review sites, such as Trustpilot and other sources.


  • The 1st-time customer discount of 20% is not properly advertised on the homepage. Most competitors have this discount proudly displayed on their homepage banners, so first-time customers might miss out on this great opportunity.
  • Their service portfolio could be a bit better explained, possibly by dividing it into subservices, which would clarify the main service.

To Sum Up

Summarizing our PaperFellows review, we can definitely highly recommend to all students that are looking for their paperwork to be done in time and with high quality. After testing their samples, creating few orders, and reading all the reviews, we can vouch for PaperFellows. In addition to the quality, they have a responsive and fast customer support team to help you with any questions you might have. As with all the other providers, our usual advice is to start with a small-volume order and proceed from there in order to test out the provider by yourself as well.