PaperHelp Review: Should You Subscribe?

We are presenting this PaperHelp review in order to provide interested students with reliable data on PaperHelp, a writing service provider. To accomplish this objective, we took several steps. This diligent work allows us to provide our readers with as much detailed information as possible regarding this site. These include:

  • Exploring the website.
  • Conducting a price comparison
  • Reviewing a paper if available
  • Reading other online reviews and interacting with students
  • Speaking with support staff
  • Reading online content
  • Attempting to locate and understand policies and guarantees.

In doing these things, we are always hopeful that we will be able to assist students in finding academic help that they can rely on. We certainly discovered some memorable things regarding this online service provider. Students should absolutely read through to the end prior to placing an order here.

Pricing System

Students who are used to using a standard writing provider might find that PaperHelp pricing is convoluted and difficult to understand. They don’t offer standard per page pricing. Instead, they provide a tiered subscription service pricing system. These are priced at 19.95 for a monthly fee, 39.95 to be paid every 90 days, or 69.95 to be paid every 180 days. Students should understand, however, that this is not for PaperHelp writing. This is simply to gain the ability to view and download previously written papers via an online library.

If students do want to order custom writing, they may select that option on the PaperHelp website. However, they are then taken to a third party site. There, they need to pay a research fee of nearly 20 dollars per page. We aren’t sure if the third party site is owned by the same company as PaperHelp or simply an affiliate. In any case, students should use any papers here with great caution as we are unsure concerning originality or ownership.

We searched for coupon codes or other discounts. We were unable to find any for PaperHelp.

Types of Services

Unlike most writing companies that we review, the main service offered by PaperHelp is an online collection of academic papers that appear to be taken from unknown sources. These are written on many topics.  However, students should understand that these are not original writings. Further, they can be accessed and used by anyone. The only barrier is that students must pay a subscription fee to see these papers.

It is possible that students might use these papers simply for inspiration or examples. Unfortunately, the papers we reviewed had spelling and grammatical errors, factual mistakes, and other significant issues. This poor quality means that we don’t believe many students will be able to use PaperHelp for significant academic assistance.

Students who want help with custom paper writing do offer an option for that. However, it isn’t available for PaperHelp. Instead, they will be routed to a different website, We took a closer look at that site. What we found was a lot of contradictory naming and confusing content. There were also several outlandish claims, including a promise that academic papers would be written within 30 minutes. As a disclaimer, we want to clarify that this review is for PaperHelp. We did not conduct a full evaluation of EssayWiz.

Payment Options

The website lists acceptable payment options such as debit and credit cards, or PayPal. The third party site that accepts orders for writing allows mailed checks, credit cards, and Western Union. These payments are not processed securely. A credit card number entered is sent without encryption. There was no way to determine if PaperHelp or any of their associates stores card number information after use.


We weren’t able to find any guarantees or policies on the website. This isn’t something we encountered before, but without this documentation, we cannot state any such guarantees exist in any form. Students should understand that the guarantees that are missing from PaperHelp include originality, refunds, financial and personal data privacy, etc. This means that anyone placing an order on the PaperHelp site does so at their own risk. If you choose to do this anyway, please take extra precautions such as double-checking writing through a plagiarism detector.

Is PaperHelp Legit?

As we explored the website and otherwise conducted our investigation, we found ourselves seriously doubting the legitimacy of this service. Here is a list of the most concerning issues we found regarding PaperHelp.

  • The website is poorly designed, written, and outdated. This is often the sign of a company that cannot hire professionals or keep up with their expenses. It can also mean a site that was created in a hurry or copied from another site for dishonest purposes.
  • There’s an overall lack of professionalism.
  • Much of the content here appears to be created by content spinners or stolen from other websites.
  • Students are routed to third party sites without warning.
  • The payment processing is not secure.
  • We found broken links.
  • Custom research is charged at nearly 20 dollars per page and poorly defined.

Given all the problems that we found, it’s surprising to us that this service can make money. That in itself is quite suspicious.


It is very rare that we are unable to find anything positive to say regarding a writing service. Unfortunately, we struggle to do so in this case. Students can access some papers, but these were all written by other people. This could lead to plagiarism. We are especially concerned as these sites often target ESL students who may not understand that they aren’t allowed to use these papers for their own work. We certainly didn’t see that clarified. In addition to this, papers here were quite poor quality. This means they aren’t very good for study purposes either. A website redesign and better explanation of services are definitely needed here.


Here we are going to summarize the negative points we discovered during our review of PaperHelp. Unfortunately, we spotted quite a few of them. Many of these we do consider to be deal breakers.

  • Lack of payment security
  • Outdated website design that is difficult to navigate or read
  • Unclear pricing
  • No discounts
  • High potential for plagiarism
  • Risk of identity theft
  • Explanation of services is very confusing
  • Students and reviewers indicate having very bad experiences
  • No published guarantees or policies
  • Overall poor business practices
  • Broken website links

To Sum Up

At this point, it should not be surprising that we are ending this review on PaperHelp on a slightly sour note. There is simply no way we could recommend this site in good faith. Simply too many problems exist with Our issues began when we landed on the site and realized it was horribly outdated to the extent that it was nearly unusable. That shows a depressing lack of care and professionalism. The most damning evidence here came in the form of writing. PaperHelp writers simply fail to produce written works that are acceptable at the college and university level. Finally, the payment process here is a bit suspect. While things may be on the up and up, the routes users to another website without warning. Worse, that website is also poorly designed with no secure payment method. Sadly, things here are so bad that the relatively friendly customer support simply doesn’t make up for these issues. Just too many red flags were found here.

Fortunately, even though we are unable to recommend this service, we endorse plenty of others. Students are welcome to read through all of our reviews until they find a writing provider they believe will work for them.