PenDrago Review: Exploring a Solid Writing Option

Looking for help with a research paper, report, or article? If the name PenDrago has come up in your search results, that’s no surprise! This online provider of writing services and other products has earned a smart reputation among students. So, we decided to determine whether they really lived up to all the hype. In order to find that out we:

  • Received and reviewed a written work for quality, accuracy, and completeness.
  • Explored the PenDrago
  • Engaged with writers and customer support.
  • Researched the company online.
  • Conducted a price comparison.
  • Reviewed policy documents and other content.
  • Examined available payment options.

So, what are the results? It looks like PenDrago has truly earned their superior rep. Keep reading the rest of our PenDrago review to learn more.

Pricing System

Prices are the standard fee per page structure. This is the most common used. Writing is $17.56 per page to start, editing is $11.70, and proofreading is $9.96. These are on the high-average side, but still quite reasonable. Additional services and add-ons can be purchased for more money.

Types of Services

We think that too many businesses in this space spread themselves too thin. They try to serve every possible customer segment. Then, fail at doing anything very well at all. This is why we were happy to see PenDrago focusing solely on academic services. For the unfamiliar, these include research papers, lab reports, book reviews, admissions writings, thesis and dissertation services, essays, and much more. The company also offers proofreading and editing services.

Payment Options

Most standard payment options are available at PenDrago. These include the usual players like debit and credit cards. We did notice that PayPal isn’t currently an option. Hopefully this changes in the near future. This is the only factor that we believe this service is missing overall.


Put it in writing. If you are a student who needs help with a paper, that is exactly what you should expect of any online writing service you use. If they don’t have meaningful guarantees, move on. Fortunately, PenDrago has several policy documents to address several important things.


Students will be thrilled to see that they can request free revisions if their final paper doesn’t meet their standards. Of course, there are some guidelines to follow. You must request a revision in a timely manner. Also, for a free revision, you must show that changes you request don’t deviate from your original instructions.


Of all the sites we have reviewed, this one has one of the most comprehensive privacy policies we have read. They go into real detail on their use of customer information, where that information might be transported, how it is protected, and what customers can do to control the use of their personal data. The data they provide is clear, easy to understand, and empowering.

Further, their payment processing methodologies are also respectful of privacy concerns. That’s refreshing when data loss is such a concern.

Money Back

Can I get a refund on my paper from That depends. Sometimes, yes! If you never receive your paper, cancel an order before it begins, or the company cannot assign it to a writer, you will receive a full refund. You will also get your money back if they miss your deadline. In other cases, you might qualify for a prorated refund or credit towards a future order. Either way, the risk is low!

Is PenDrago Legit?

Most companies we review are legitimate in a ‘letter of the law’ sense. That means they are legally existing businesses that do provide products in return for the payment they receive. They also refrain from the sketchiest of activities. Of course, is absolutely legitimate in that sense as well.

Now, let’s be honest. That’s the bare minimum! Every composition and assignment business should meet those standards. A truly exceptional one will exceed those every time. We discovered PenDrago doing that in many ways. Let’s go over the most important.

Writer Professionalism

Clearly, PenDrago works hard to hire academic professionals who are highly qualified. This is reflected in the final product. It is also noted in each writer’s commitment to communicate with students, ask insightful questions, and respond to queries.

Customer Support

It’s not that customer support is available at PenDrago 24/7. This is an industry standard. Instead, we were impressed by all the customer feedback praising the support team for professionalism. PenDrago obviously goes to great lengths to train their staff. Engage with them just once, and it becomes clear that they know exactly what they are doing, and are empowered to help concerned clients. Also, what a friendly group of folks.

User Experience

User experience seems like some trendy buzzword, but it’s actually very important. The term describes how easy it is to use a website. More importantly, it addresses how enjoyable it is. A site like PenDrago with great design is easy to use. It’s simple to find information you need, place an order, locate contact information, etc. Even better, you can read anything you need to because everything is easy on the eyes.


There are several things to consider when it comes to security. First, there’s the company website itself. Visitors should be confident that they can visit a site safely without being bombarded with download requests or pop-ups. Next is payment security. We’ve found that PenDrago does an excellent job with this. Finally, we believe that legitimacy requires a research service to employ discretion and care when dealing with client personal data. Anyone with a privacy question or concern can contact a support rep 24/7 for answers.


Our team sat down to consider all the positive attributes of It didn’t take us long to come up with a pretty long list. After a bit of editing, here are the most important factors we uncovered.

  • The writing! Of course! We’ve determined that placing an order here is a sure way to get an excellent written work.
  • A customer support team that is empowered, capable, and brilliant
  • Really competitive prices to combine with excellent products and services.
  • Commitment to data security and discretion.
  • Policies to protect customers and bolster guarantees.
  • Noteworthy com user experience and web navigation.
  • Loads of ENL writers.
  • Advanced subjects and academic levels handled with ease.
  • Interest-free financing!
  • Kick-ass discounts


We had some trouble writing this section. While no service provider is perfect, we found no significant problems with Pendrago. So, instead of ‘cons’, here is a brief list of things we would love to see at in the near future.

  • PendDrago could take it to the next level with a video channel, social media posts, even a blog!
  • They can outpace so many of their competitors by accepting cryptocurrencies, Google Pay, or other digital wallet platforms.

To Sum Up

If we were to choose one word to summarize our experience with PenDrago, it would be constructive. We’re always happy to learn about essay providers that have a comprehensive set of products and services to offer students, then deliver those impeccably. PenDrago is one of those rare finds. They do everything so professionally, pay so much attention to detail that they leave us with almost nothing to criticize. It’s easy to see why they receive such widespread, positive feedback.

As you consider school relating writing aide, keep in mind that delivers in the following areas:

  • Composing insightful documents of various types.
  • Assisting students regardless of grade-level or academic discipline.
  • Providing online customer support around the clock.
  • Writing clear, easy to understand policies that protect the customer.
  • Charging fair and reasonable fees.
  • Delivering products in full and on time.
  • Offering up a stellar website experience.

It is this combination of positive attributes along with no meaningfully negative ones that prompt us to give our full endorsement. By all means, bookmark homepage! You’ll be glad you did when you need help with your high school or university coursework.