PremierEssay Review with Honest Testimonials and Based Thorough Research

PremierEssay is one of those companies that manage to deliver good quality at very affordable prices. As we want to help our readers differentiate the scammers from reliable companies, we created this PremierEssay review to help students make a verified opinion when they pay for writing services.

Our review includes researched information only. We checked to identify details on the vendor’s prices and type of services. We read the clients’ testimonials and samples available on the site. Even though we liked the feedback and the quality delivered, we wanted to make sure that this information is real. Thus, we read different blogs and checked what people are commenting on social media. The final conclusion is that PremierEssay is a reliable company that works with professional writers and delivers consistent quality.

Pricing Matrix

PremierEssay is proud to lead its processes without having any hidden costs. In many cases, a client makes a simulation for the type of paper he/she wants to order. However, when the final invoice comes, the total amount is usually different. In the case of PremierEssay, such situations are not acceptable.

We also decided to submit an order on So, we started with calculating the price using the calculator available on the homepage. We selected the high-school type of essay and a deadline of 14 days. The calculator returned a price of $12.99 for one page. In the case of PremierEssay, one page usually has 275 words. In case our deadline was shorted, the price would have risen to $39.99/page for a paper that would have been delivered in 3 hours. Considering the writer’s effort to write a paper on such short notice, we consider that the price is fair, and it stays in the market’s range.

Apart from the content delivered, the price also includes some additional services. The client will receive unlimited annotations, bibliography, title page, outline, plagiarism report, and formatting services.

Another advantage offered by PremierEssay is the generous discount scheme. We discovered that any new customer that places an order on will receive a 20% discount from the final price. The customer support team can offer advice on how to use the discount code.

Also, the company offers permanent services based on the total number of pages ordered by a client. Thus, it promotes loyalty and encourages customers to keep ordering papers on The discount segments are the following:

  • 5% orders of 15+ pages in total
  • 10% for orders of 50+ pages in total
  • 15% for orders of 100+ total pages

Even though these are the only discounts available for the moment on the company’s site, customers shouldn’t limit themselves to these. They should check the website periodically in case the company decides to offer any seasonal or special discounts. Also, the customer support team is permanently available to discuss any situation and offer guidance on whether clients can benefit from discounts.

List of Services

PremierEssay provides a variety of services. This diversity shows that the company targets different categories of clients. Students, professionals, or business owners can use their services and improve their performance. Let’s take them one by one!

For students, PremierEssay focuses on essay writing. Essays are some of the most asked types of papers that students need. PremierEssay works with writers who have at least a bachelor’s degree and can write content for different difficulty levels. They can deliver papers for high school, college, master’s, or doctorate. Besides, clients can order research papers, lab reports, dissertation writing, assignments, or admission papers.

For professionals, PremierEssay specializes in delivering a professional CV and cover letter writing. Such orders are handled by writers with a background in HR. As the recruiters’ requirements continue to evolve, PremierEssay professionals know how to adapt to these conditions and create convincing candidate presentations that put it in an advantageous position.

Finally, business owners are not forgotten. Therefore, entrepreneurs can order web content, press releases, or new releases directly on With the help of the vendor’s professionals, business owners can improve the visibility of their company and grow its profits more rapidly.

Payment Methods

PremierEssay guarantees safe payment methods for all its clients. The website uses an encryption SSL system that secures each payment. Clients are very vulnerable when they have to pay for a service online. They want to make sure that their accounts are not put at risk, and the payments are not doubled, or their accounts are not exposed to hackers. We checked and found that customers can finalize the payments using their cards. The following types of cards are accepted:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • AMEX

WireTransfer is an additional payment method. It is usually used by students who enjoy it as it is easy to use and 100% safe.

Available Guarantees

We never recommend a writing company unless it has clear conditions and terms. PremierEssay convinced us to create this review with its fair rules for refunds and comprehensive conditions for revisions. Check out some relevant details of these policies.

Money-Back Guarantee

PremierEssay works with professional writers who use their knowledge and experience to meet the clients’ requirements. Thus, the cases when the client asks for a refund are rare. However, if such a situation appears, the vendor developed some clear rules that everyone follows:

  • Full refund is granted when the client decides to cancel the order before PremierEssay assigned a writer to do the order
  • 70% of the amount paid is returned when the vendor assigns a writer to write the content, but the client wants to cancel the order. The rest of the 30% is kept to compensate for the writer’s initial efforts to prepare for the work.
  • 50% refund is offered when the client cancels the order in the middle of the deadline period. In such a case, it is clear that the writer worked already on almost half of the paper. Therefore, his/her efforts need to be compensated.

Late delivery is also an eligible situation to ask for refunds. Long-term orders that have a deadline of more than 14 days can receive a maximum of 7% back of the amount paid. However, the customer support department will carefully analyze each situation to understand whether the delay appeared from the writer’s fault. There are cases when the writer won’t be considered guilty for the late delivery. These are the following:

  • The writer couldn’t connect to his/her computer or browser due to technical issues
  • The client decided to extend the writer’s deadline.
  • The client didn’t answer on time to the writer’s request for additional details or failed to pay the order as soon as he/she submitted the form.

Revision Policy

Just like refunds, revisions are also a sensitive topic. The writer or the customer doesn’t want to end up in a situation when they have to go through a revisions request. However, such cases appear, and they need to be treated fairly. Therefore, each client has 2 weeks available to check the paper received from the writer. In case he/she identifies any mistakes or requirements that were not followed, then the client is entitled to ask for revisions. If the request comes in the first 14 days, then the revisions will be done for free. Also, it is mandatory that the customer won’t add any new requirements in the request or change the paper’s purpose. In case the instructions change dramatically, PremierEssay will consider that the customer placed a new order and will ask for additional fees.

Is the Site Reliable?

There’s no doubt that is a reliable website. The first characteristic that convinced us to give this verdict is the site’s professional appearance. The website is easy to use and navigate, which means that the vendor worked with a professional team. A company that allocates money to develop a professional website wants to do business and create long-term relationships with the clients. Also, we consider that the terms and conditions validate our opinion on the site’s reliability. The client’s details and accounts are protected by the company.


We consider that PremierEssay has the following pros:

  • Permanently available and well-trained customer support department
  • Affordable prices and discounts
  • Comprehensive refunds, revision, and confidentiality policies
  • Skilled writers
  • Secure payment methods


PremierEssay has the following cons:

  • Advanced plagiarism report should be offered for free


We recommend PremierEssay for its consistency in delivering quality content. We recommend the company for its wide list of services provided. The writers have different backgrounds and experiences on various topics to deliver content on diverse topics. All services are offered at affordable prices. Besides, the fees become more budget-friendly thanks to the generous discounts. Finally, the vendor uses safe payment methods. All these methods convince the client to form a long-term relationship with PremierEssay.