Independent Scribendi Review

In our Scribendi review, we decided to be non-partisan and include verified details on how the company operates. The majority of our information delivered in this review is extracted from While we found a professional site that includes clear information on the company’s services, there were some elements that we didn’t like so much. For example, we couldn’t find a way to find how much we would have to pay for an order. Even though the company has a detailed FAQ section, the price calculator wasn’t able to simulate different prices.

Available Fees

As we already mentioned, we found information on that the company uses a price calculator. We liked that the company talks about transparency and mentions that the price delivered by the calculating widget will be the same as the one mentioned on the invoice. The final price is calculated based on the selected deadline and the word count.

Scribendi has a word count tool that enables you to find how many words your document will have. However, even though the information provided on talks about affordable prices, we couldn’t find any reference table that shows us simulations on different word count. The only thing we could do was to upload a document in the calculator available on each service category. For example, the price delivered for academic proofreading for 1484 words would be around $47 for a deadline of 1 week. However, we consider this is not a well-calculated price as the quotation follows only the quantity parameter. This is the word count. The content’s consistency should also matter when the calculator returns the final quotation.

When it comes to discounts, we found that Scribendi is not too generous about them. Clients won’t find any discount codes on The vendor encourages them to check its social media accounts. For example, customers should stay updated with the latest promotions available on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Pinterest. Considering that the prices are a decisive factor for customers and helps them decide whether they will order a service or not. So, if they don’t know from the beginning which discounts are available, they might not have the patience and determination to wait for the price offers on Scribendi’s social media accounts.

List of Services

As we already mentioned in the introduction, Scribendi offers professional editing and proofreading services. is a platform dedicated to helping authors, students, professionals, and anyone who wants to communicate his/her thoughts without being misunderstood.

The services are split into different categories. For example, the section on editing and proofreading for ESL covers more than English editing services. It also concentrates on personal editing. You can also order a dissertation, proposal, and thesis alterations. Admission essays and business proofreading and editing are also included here. The academic services available on start with academic proofreading and editing and continue with services dedicated to dissertation polishing.

If you need help from Scribendi as an author, then you shouldn’t forget that you can order manuscript edits and proofreads. For businesses and corporations, stakeholders can find on services related to blog editing, business proofreading, or website editing. Students will order editing and proofreading of their admission essays and can order essay editing directly from, too. Finally, individuals can work with Scribendi’s editors and proofreaders for personal documents and resume editing.

Payment Options

When it comes to the available payment instruments, we can say that we had a pleasant surprise. uses a secure payment processing provider powered by Stripe. The vendor’s preferred payment alternatives are those made via credit cards. Scribendi allows clients to finalize payments via Visa, Diners, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, UnionPay, or JCB cards. As you can see, the company offers diverse payment instruments to help all clients pay for their services in a fast and secure way. Also, PayPal is an available payment solution. For customers based in China, Scribendi offers the alternative of paying via Alipay. Corporate clients or NGOs can finalize their payments using wire transfer or ACH.

Available Policies

Scribendi puts consistent efforts into keeping its customers satisfied. This means that they work with talented collaborators who can deliver services as expected. However, customers’ contentment isn’t determined by the services’ quality only. A professional company should also make the clients feel safe and come with fair policies for refunds and revisions.

In the case of Scribendi, we couldn’t find any dedicated page for these kinds of policies. However, we managed to find information in the FAQ section. For example, Scribendi mentions that the editors or proofreaders don’t check for plagiarism. They also don’t do any rewriters or paraphrasing. However, the editors will work on providing high-quality editing to make sure that the work is original.

When it comes to working guarantees, on we could find details mentioning that the company guarantees its collaborators’ work. Their quality processes are validated according to ISO standards. In case the customer is not happy with the work delivered, Scribendi encourages them to use the contact form and tell the support team what happened. Clients can also fill the feedback form available on the pickup page. The customer support department will immediately investigate what happened and come with a fair solution to make sure that the client feels that his/her problem was treated correctly.

Cancellations are also possible. However, Scribendi doesn’t offer any details on what refunds are possible in case the client decides to revoke the order. In this case, customers can go to the “contact” page available on and discuss with the support team about his/her intentions. The company encourages customers that they should contact the customer support department immediately and discuss with them the refund possibilities.

Even though Scribendi mentions different details on how they handle revisions and refunds, they aren’t very clear with the conditions under which they give money back or offer free revisions. We consider that the company should work more on offering complete transparency. Customers need to know from the beginning what to expect from Scribendi and not wait to see what’s the solution offered by the support team. Also, all clients should receive equal treatment. Thus, Scribendi should add clear information on possible refunds and the situations when free revisions are awarded.

Website Reliability

We consider that is a reliable site. First, it has a friendly and professional appearance. We navigated easily from one page to another and found all the information that we needed. Also, the company uses a secure payment processor that allows the clients to pay via credit cards. Besides, the vendor has cookie and privacy policies. They keep the customers’ personal and financial data safe and prevent them from being scammed.


We found that Scribendi has some advantages:

  • Secure payment system
  • Wide array of services
  • Professional site
  • Word count tool


Scribendi should improve different aspects:

  • Provide more clarity on prices and discounts
  • Ensure equal treatment to all clients when it comes to refunds and revisions


Scribendi wants to be a reputable editing and proofreading service provider. The company manages to stay competitive with high-quality services provided by best-in-class editors and proofreaders. Its portfolio of services is very detailed and manages to serve different categories of clients. Yet, even though they mention how the final price is calculated, we couldn’t find on a clear list of prices or a tool that helped us understand how much we would have to pay for an order. Also, we found important information on how the vendor operates in the FAQ section. Still, we couldn’t find clear guidelines on how revisions and refunds are handled.