Can You Expect to Get What You’re Promised? Learn in SpeedyPaper Review

It doesn’t have to be this way. At Essay Writing Service-Review, we have a single goal – provide the resources that students need to make their lives easier and more productive. One of these resources is our writing company reviews. We dig deep into these agencies and get to the real facts, so that students do not end up making terrible mistakes when they hire a firm to give them academic writing help. We have already reviewed hundreds of companies and will keep on.

This SpeedyPaper review is our latest project. Why this company? Because some of our regular users have asked us if the company is legit, and we want to give them an answer. Read on to see what we have found.

Pricing System

There is a link for “prices” at the top of the SpeedyPaper home page. Visitors are then taken to a series of charts – writing from scratch, Problem-solving, grading/marking, paraphrasing/rewriting, and multiple-choice questions. Each of these singular charts is then divided by school level and deadline specifications.

The cheapest price is a high school essay with a 20-day deadline, and that is $9/page They go up from there, based on the factors above.  A Ph.D. student can expect to pay $52/page with a 6-hour deadline.

Types of Services

Writing from scratch includes all of the normal products – essays, papers, reviews, presentations, case studies and lab reports, even thesis and dissertation help.

Editing and proofreading is self-explanatory and also aligns with the grading/marking service. Students can submit their own pieces and editors will provide a full review, making recommendations for changes and correcting all grammar and mechanical issues.

Paraphrasing/Re-writing refers to taking a piece of research, an article, etc. and re-writing it so as not to be charged with plagiarism. This is often the case when research notes are taken for an essay or paper.

Multiple-choice Questions are also self-explanatory. SpeedyPaper states that it will provide topi-specific experts who can perform these tasks.

Problem-solving relates to math, science, and technology coursework where students face problem sets, modeling, and other projects. These require experts with graduate degrees, and SpeedyPaper states it has the on-board expertise to provide this service in all STEM areas.

What about quality? Here is where the real “crunch” lies. It’s one thing to find a company that offers lots of stuff – but that stuff has to be usable and worthy of a good grade. We took a look at these things:

  • Samples: There are 4 on the website – a high school essay on food choices of omnivores, a paper on nursing practices, an admissions essay to Oxford, and a Ph.D. thesis on knowledge management. The admissions letter was grammatically correct but was far simple in structure and vocabulary for such an institution. The Ph.D. thesis was a short 5-page research essay, indicating that perhaps the writer was clueless about what a thesis is. The high school essay was great and suitable for that study level.
  • Some of what we found in the samples were pointed out by users of our site and by customer comments we found on the web. Some were quite satisfied; others, not so much. Part of this may be because SpeedyPaper employs both ENL and ESL writers. Upper level students in English-speaking institutions need ENL writers and may not always get them.

In all, SpeedyPaper offers lots of writing help. There is good quality and customer satisfaction with products. There is also some is-satisfaction.

Payment Methods

Several currencies are accepted by SpeedyPaper, and this is convenient for international students.

Customers can pay by major credit/debit cards, even bitcoin. SpeedyPaper provides security of payment by the use of a third-party processing company with the right certifications and technology, and students can feel secure submitting their financial data. SpeedyPaper needs to add PayPal as a payment platform – anyone can now use it, and it is easy and safe.


At the bottom of the home page, students will find a link titled “legal.” This contains the written policies that provide rights and guarantees to customers. They should be read. In sum, here is what you get:

  • Originality: Every piece is scanned for plagiarism before it is sent out. Customers do state that their products are plagiarism-free.
  • Revisions: Students are entitled to request revisions if not satisfied. Customers state these are completed, although some state that the revisions are not a great improvement
  • Privacy: SpeedyPaper does encrypt and protect customer personal information. It asks only for the minimum and never shares it.
  • Terms and Conditions: Within this policy are such things as a promise to assign a qualified and degreed writer, to follow customer instructions, to check finished products, and to provide responsive customer support.
  • Money-Back: There are instances where students qualify for refunds – this policy should be read – there are refunds when problems arise that are the fault of the company, such as a missed deadline.

What we find is that Speedy Paper has the same guarantees as other services we rate well. Customers state that these are honored for the most part.

Is Site Legit?

Speedy Paper is a legitimate writing company – been around for several years. Its website accurately represents what it offers, its policies and processes, and prices/benefits. There are even discounts offered if customers subscribe.

Speedy Paper meets our expectations for a legitimate writing agency.


  • Pricing is in line with other reputable writing services
  • Direct communication with assigned writer
  • Responsive customer support department
  • Guarantees generally honored
  • Customer satisfaction at high school level and with ESL students


  • ESL writers may not deliver quality that many students need
  • Revisions are sometimes a bit slow in coming
  • PayPal not an option for payment
  • Discounts only available when asked for

To Sum Up is a legitimate and reliable writing agency. Customers do pace orders, get assigned writers, and receive their products on time. There are some issues with quality and revision timelines. Students should consider SpeedyPaper, especially at lower levels of study. University and grad level students might want to consider some of the other top-rated companies we have reviewed.