StudyBay Review: to Bid or Not to Bid

We are presenting this StudyBay review after conducting exhaustive research into this online content service. To properly evaluate StudyBay, we received and reviewed an academic essay, compared prices, interacted with customer support, researched the company online, and spoke with previous customers. Our goal is to determine whether this is a service that students can use safely and confidently.

As we decided whether to offer an endorsement or words of warning, we kept several of our criteria in mind. Specifically, we focused on overall writing quality, website ease of use, customer experience, online support, average pricing, and discounts. We learned many valuable things about this service. We believe that our insights will be valuable to any student who is considering placing an order through this service. Please take some time to read before you make a final choice.

Pricing System

There are no established prices. This is because writers simply place bids when an order is placed. Students should be aware that the company charges a service fee. That means that accepting a bid also comes with additional costs. It was notable to us that many bids are exceptionally cheap. On the other hand, some were much higher than is average for other services. Bid systems do give customers control. They also create unpredictability.

Types of Services

Students may use this service to obtain assistance with any academic writing assignment. This includes admissions writing, proposals, essays, lab reports, articles, critiques, research papers, and more. They may also reach out to academic experts for help with math problems, study assistance, multiple choice questions, and help with spreadsheets. We were impressed with the wide range of products and services.

Orders are made visible to writers who then begin submitting bids in an effort to win the assignment from the customer. However, we were suspicious that every order seems to result in an immediate surge of dozens of online bids. Every bid seems to come from a ‘professor’ or ‘Ph.D.’ We were also stunned at the seemingly high number of Ivy League graduates who find themselves working at a writing service. This was our first indication that many of these writers are fake accounts, or contain largely exaggerated qualifications. The likelihood that a graduate of the Wharton School of Business would be writing essays is pretty slim.

Payment Options

Most standard forms of payment are accepted here. Students may pay with PayPal, debit, and credit cards. The process is easy and secure.


As we researched this company, we did find some documents relating to policies and guarantees. Here is a summary of each of these.

User Agreement

The StudyBay user agreement goes into great detail about the contract between the customer, writer, and StudyBay. One thing we noticed is that StudyBay receives a 40% service fee for each order that is placed. This is a lot of money! That should earn the customer at least some level of customer support.

According to this policy, a customer may request a revision in three days. Most writing providers give at least ten days. The company grants refunds only on a discretionary basis. The most common reason for refunds is plagiarism or failure to complete an order.

Rules For Writers

StudyBay does provide a document of rules and procedures their writers are expected to follow. This covers how to apply for work and submit bids. It is good that these guidelines exist. Sadly, it doesn’t seem as if they are backed with any real action on the part of StudyBay support.

Data Privacy

We were quite impressed by the data privacy document published on It goes into great detail about use of customer information and how that info is gathered. The policy discusses use of cookies, right to be forgotten, etc. An email address is provided for anyone who has questions or concerns about the use of their data. Customers may also request that changes be made to their information, or that their data be deleted entirely. We did not notice any specific mention of the EU’s GDPR policy. However, the policies here seem to indicate they are in compliance. Overall, it is clear that StudyBay has put in a significant amount of effort into creating a solid data privacy policy.

Is StudyBay Legit?

We can state that is a legitimate company that operates a legitimate website. All indications are that they do provide products and services as paid for. There is no evidence of an ongoing effort to scam anyone or be deceptive.

However, this doesn’t mean that every practice here is okay, or that StudyBay writers are legitimately skilled as they should be. Sadly, they are plagued with the same issues as many other websites that use a bid selection process. The issues arise when the company fails to put processes in place to ensure that every writer is as qualified as they claim to be. The result is that StudyBay writers often claim to have qualifications that they clearly do not. In addition to this, StudyBay does not do enough to educate students in choosing a good writer. Students often accept writer claims at face value because they have no way to research otherwise. In other cases, they are drawn in by a promise of exceptionally low rates.

StudyBay could create a legitimate business model to allow this business model to work. They could conduct background checks and prevent writers from making unproven claims. They could also commit to providing better customer service support for those students who do wish to log complaints about incompetent writers. They have chosen not to do these things at this time.


Yes, we did find some positive things to say about StudyBay. These are:

  • Students who do match with a great writer can get excellent help.
  • Best payment security in the industry.
  • There is a great blog that has great content.


We are disappointed to say that our experiences with revealed some major issues. Here are some of the worst problems we found.

  • Students must take the writer’s word when it comes to their skills or qualifications. Writers may make any claims, and there is no way to verify them.
  • When complaints are made. StudyBay customer support provides very little help.
  • Quality can range from quite good to absolutely terrible with no predictability.
  • There is no discernible quality control.
  • Discounts are confusing.

To Sum Up

Obviously, we have quite a few negative things to say. Still, we want to mention positives. StudyBay truly respects customer privacy. Their policies on this are clear and very detailed. Further, has a well-designed website. We are also digging the extras like tutoring service and plagiarism scanners.

While the items we just listed are great, they aren’t enough to earn a recommendation. Since we found too many issues with unprofessional writers, bad customer support, and poor products at StudyBay, we have to urge students to use another service. There isn’t enough done here in terms of quality control. Worse, customers who complain have an uphill battle. Usually, they are forced to pay the writer, even if they receive an absolutely horrid document. Our belief is that many writers are likely misrepresenting their skills and experience.

We certainly believe that a bidding system is a viable way to operate an academic writing site. Unfortunately, this requires a service to do an exceptional job of verifying the capabilities of the writers they use. They must also handle customer service issues masterfully. Sadly, StudyBay was not successful at either of these things. Because of this, students don’t get the work they deserve and have little recourse. Instead of using, please check out our reviews, and use a site we have endorsed.