Why You Shouldn’t Miss TrustMyPaper Review

TrustMyPaper is a competitive writing company that does its best to keep customers satisfied. In this TrustMyPaper review, our readers will find detailed information on the type of services provided by the company. Our investigation started with TrustMyPaper.com. We consider it is the most accurate source of information to understand what the provider is doing and how its clients feel about it.

Any client who enters on TrustMyPaper official site will immediately find the information he/she needs. It includes clients’ testimonials and samples. Also, it is very easy to make simulations for the type of content he/she needs and the available discounts. As we wanted to make sure that the details presented on the official webpage are not exaggerated we also submitted an order. We were positively surprised to get the quality we expected and with the requirements we mentioned.

Pricing Range

We entered on TrustMyPaper.com and checked how much we would have to pay for a one-page essay. The final price can be easily simulated on the TrustMyPaper site as it has a price calculator on the first page. The cost of our essay for the high school level was $12.99/page. This fee is available for a deadline of 14 days. In case the deadline is tighter or the difficulty level is higher, then the price will grow proportionally. As the high school is the easiest type of content that students usually order from professional writing companies, this means that $12.99/page is the lowest possible fee that a client can get from TrustMyPaper.

On top of that, the final price can become more attractive thanks to the discount program. Any future clients should know that if they order a paper for the first time on TrustMyPaper.com will receive automatically a 17% discount. This is one of the most generous discounts that a first-time customer can get from a professional writing company.

Loyal customers are not forgotten. TrustMyPaper values the clients’ perseverance to submit new orders and offers different discount levels. The lowest discount is 5% for any customer who orders 15 pages or has spent a minimum of $399 in total with the company. The percentages grow to 10% for 50+ pages or orders of more than $599. Finally, the highest discount for loyal customers is 15% when he/she has submitted 100+ pages already or the value of all orders goes to more than $799.

Finally, TrustMyPaper encourages clients to subscribe to the company’s newsletter. Thus, they will stay updated with any new pricing offers or seasonal discounts that the vendor might launch throughout the year.

List of Services

TrustMyPaper offers different services to serve clients with various needs. The most common type of service that many clients order is academic essay writing. As students represent the majority of the vendor’s clients, it is normal that the company’s portfolio to be adapted to it. Customers can order the following services from TrustMyPaper.com:

  • Academic paper writing
  • Rewriting
  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Copywriting
  • Admission Services
  • Dissertation services
  • Resume writing
  • Multiple-choice questions

The writers can deliver content for any type of difficulty level. The lowest quality standard delivered is for high school. It continues with freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior college levels. Finally, the writers working for TrustMyPaper can write content for master and Ph.D. levels.

When it comes to the quality delivered, everything starts with the writers’ ability to deliver plagiarism and error-free content. The majority of the writers working for TrustMyPaper hold a Master’s or Ph.D. degree. Each new collaborator will have to go through a rigid selection process during which he/she has to prove that he/she possesses the necessary skills to deliver certain types of papers. Also, all documents submitted in the application and the diploma pass through a verification process. Therefore, clients will have the guarantee that their content is written by a person who is very well-prepared for the type of academic difficulty he/she needs.

Payment Alternatives

TrustMyPaper facilitates payments using different solutions. All payment options are 100% secure and can be found on the TrustMyPaper.com homepage. PayPal and WireTransfer are the most preferred payment tools by students. They don’t require any card number, expiration date, or CVC code. All the client has to do is add his/her email and authorize the payment.

On the other hand, some cards are accepted though. So, customers can pay for their orders using the following types of cards:

  • VISA
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • MasterCard


Even though TrustMyPaper tries to prevent any situations when the writer doesn’t deliver the expected content quality, errors can happen. Therefore, the vendor has put different guarantees in place that make the client feel safe and trust the company even more.

Money Back Policy

Clients are allowed to cancel an order and ask for their money back under certain circumstances. The refunded amount depends on the moment when the client decides to submit the cancelation request. Therefore, if the writer already started working on the paper, his/her efforts deserve to be compensated. This means that part of the money will be kept for the writer.

Customers will receive all or a certain percentage of what they paid in the following cases:

  • If the customer cancels the order before TrustMyPaper assigns any writer to write the content, the client will receive 100% money back.
  • In case a writer is already assigned on the order but the client decides to revoke it, then he/she will receive only 70% of what he/she paid back.
  • In the situation when half of the deadline is already elapsed and the customer decides to call off the paper, then he/she will get only half of the money back.

In any of the situations mentioned above, the content rights remain to TrustMyPaper. So, the client will have no writer to use any content or draft already delivered for any purpose after cancellation.

Late delivery is also an eligible situation that allows the client to ask for money back. When the product is delayed, the amount that should be returned is influenced by the deadline initially agreed with the writer and the time of delay. For long-term orders, the maximum amount that can be refunded is 7% of the total price.

On the other hand, the writer can be exempted from any guilt in the following situations:

  • The writer couldn’t deliver the content on time because of different technical hitches.
  • The delay appeared as a consequence of the customer’s actions as he/she didn’t provide the necessary sources of information or replied to the writer’s requests for additional details on time.
  • The client decided to extend the deadline by a certain number of days.

In case any of these situations appear, the client cannot ask for refunds as the delay didn’t appear from TrustMyPaper’s fault.

Revision Terms and Conditions

TrustMyPaper offers a 14-day window to any client to submit any revision order. This period is enough for any customer to check the content carefully and reach to the conclusion whether the writer followed the instructions or not. The revision request can be easily placed using the “Feedback” or “Any Improvements Required” forms available on each customer’s accounts. In case the initial instructions and revision guidelines match, then the revision will be done for free. In case the instructions differ, then the company has the right to ask for more payments. Another essential aspect to consider is that the deadline for the revision cannot be earlier than the deadline initially agreed with the client.

Is the Site Legit?

In our opinion, TrustMyPaper.com is a legit site. One of our solid arguments is that the website looks professional. Any visitor can immediately find the information he/she needs. For example, the price calculator is available on the homepage. Besides, the vendor offers verified payment methods. The fact that clients can pay their orders using different cards is a solid guarantee that the website is legit. In case the vendor wouldn’t invest in consolidating the site, no customer could finalize the payment using this method.


We like TrustMyPaper for the following reasons:

  • The customer support department is permanently available
  • Affordable prices
  • A detailed list of services
  • Money-back and revision guarantees
  • Attractive discounts


We consider that TrustMyPaper should remediate the following aspects:

  • No referral discount program available

To Sum Up

We consider TrustMyPaper a legit writing company that clients can trust. They offer different types of writing services and work with professional clients. All payments are done using secure methods. Thus, customers can pay via card or through PayPal or WireTransfer. Besides, both the writer and the client feel safe as the vendor has solid guarantees in place. Therefore, clients have clear rules when they want to ask for refunds or revisions. Finally, TrustMyPaper has affordable fees that place it in line with the market’s trends.