WiseEssays Review: A Boon or Bust For Students?

Thanks for taking a few moments to read our WiseEssays review. We hope that the insights here are valuable to you. Let’s start with a bit of background information. WiseEssays.com is owned by a Bulgarian firm, Steadi LTD. Our objective is to help students by providing them with information on WiseEssays in case they are considering using this company for writing assistance.

How do we do that? Check out the steps we took:

  • Assessed the writing abilities of WiseEssays staff by receiving and reviewing a written work in order to evaluate quality, use of citations, factual accuracy, research, editing, and adherence to instructions.
  • Analyzed WiseEssays.com in order to provide users with information on content, user experience, site performance, and responsive design.
  • Conducted research into pricing, searched for discounts, and compared costs with competitors.
  • Sought feedback from students who were previously customers, and read online reviews.
  • Read all relevant policy pages and guarantees.
  • Engaged with customer support staff.
  • Evaluated writers

Pricing System

One thing that we did appreciate is that the WiseEssays site has a dedicated web page for displaying prices and discounts. This can be accessed from the home page. As of this writing, papers have a starting price or 14.95 per page. However, a temporary sale discounted these rates slightly. With this discount, prices are in the low average range. Of course, students will pay more if they are in higher academic grade levels or need papers quickly. Some types of writing are also more expensive, including dissertation and thesis writing, and admissions papers. A single page is defined as 275 words double-spaced.

There are also some very nice discounts provided by WiseEssays. A 15% discount for first time customers is kind of an industry tradition, but still very nice. Second orders qualify for a 10% discount. That’s not something we see everywhere, and certainly nice. Other discounts include volume discounts, lifetime discounts, and season offers. Be sure to look for discounts and coupon codes on other sites. We saw an offer for savings on WiseEssays services via Honey.

Types of Services

We were quite impressed with the overall design and navigation of the WiseEssays website. One of the factors of this is that it is quite easy to find available services. These are split into different categories. All of these are related to academics.

Academic Writing Services

This category contains what is probably the most popular service offerings. These include writing for academics such as term papers, articles, essays, research papers, reports, and presentations.

Thesis And Dissertation Services

These are the services created to help grad students work on their thesis and dissertation research projects. Because of the nature of these assignments, students may receive assistance for the entirety of these projects, or for very specific components only.

University Admissions

Students seeking entry into competitive colleges and universities are usually expected to submit personal states or admissions essays. To obtain funding, they may be asked to write a scholarship essay. WiseEssays.com provides these services.

Editing And Proofreading

WiseEssays provides editing and proofreading as add on or standalone services.

Assignment Help

Students may obtain help here on coursework or homework assignments. These include group projects, statistics problems, math assistance, and presentations.

Payment Options

WiseEssays accepts both credit or debit cards. They take standards such as Amex, Visa, Discover, and Mastercard. They also accept some lesser known options, including diners club and JCB. It was a shame that we did not find any more updated options like Google Pay or PayPal. Does anybody even have a Diners Club card? WiseEssays could use an upgrade here!


Trustworthy services will take the time to publish documents related to their guarantees and policies. We reviewed the WiseEssays site in order to find these. We wanted to see how the company handles matters such as data privacy, quality assurance, originality, and more. Does WiseEssays adhere to ethical business practices? Keep reading to see.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy at WiseEssays.com addresses the ways in which this online provider collects, uses, stores, and otherwise handles customer data. It also addresses the use of cookies. Most importantly, it instructs customers in their rights and responsibilities. We found this policy document to be readable and informative. If you are a customer in the EU, this firm appears to comply with GDPR regulations.

Refund Guarantees

Before you place an order, please review the money-back guarantee policy. This outlines various circumstances where it may be reasonable to request a refund. These include double billing, early cancellation of orders, late delivery, etc. In some instances, refunds are in full. In others, they will be prorated.


There is no originality document. However, there are several mentions on the WiseEssays.com website that originality is guaranteed. There are also plagiarism scan reports available on demand.

Is WiseEssays Legit?

In terms of business ethics and being an authentically registered business entity, WiseEssays is definitely legitimate. They do accept payments and deliver the services ordered as promised. They appear to follow standards commonly followed by businesses. They are not a scam in any way. However, our obligation is to look beyond these basics. We use standards such as customer support, user experience, pricing, and writing quality. While the company did quite well in many areas, they did not fare well in the area of writing. Simply put, the products they deliver to customers don’t meet the standard of quality that they should. Another concern is customer service. While things aren’t terrible in this category, there is a definite need for improvement.

As far as writing quality, we were able to obtain a college level essay. Sadly, the writer made several basic errors. They also used resources that no university professor would find to be acceptable. Additionally, the paper was not the proper length. The writer also presented several logical fallacies and straw man arguments. We read online reviews hoping to find some counterpoints. Instead, we found that our experience was quite common.


Did we find anything good to say about WiseEssays? Yes, we did. Here are the top benefits we discovered.

  • Great prices and attractive discounts.
  • Easy website navigation and user experience
  • Clearly written policies that are fair to customers.
  • An excellent blog with engaging content/


Unfortunately, we also uncovered some pretty major negative points. Students should think about these before making a decision.

  • Writing is mediocre at best and often quite poor.
  • Customer support needs improvement.
  • No policy document on originality.
  • Payment options need more variety, including digital payment solutions.

To Sum Up

In some ways, WiseEssays really checks off the important boxes. They have reasonable prices, their track record for on time delivery is impressive, and they offer help to students of all academic levels. Further, they have documented policies and guarantees that are easy to understand, and that benefit the customer. We also noted that the website design here is quite impressive. This site is a pleasure to use. All in all, there’s a lot to be impressed by.

Unfortunately, these things are not enough. In order to truly meet students’ needs, the writing must absolutely be on point. Unfortunately, that just doesn’t happen. When a student places an order, they rightfully expect academic writing at a college level. These papers should be insightful, detailed, researched, and argued impeccably. They should be virtually free of spelling and grammatical errors and use acceptable sources. It’s a real shame that there are so many failures in these areas.

That’s the bad news, but all is not lost. We have several other writing services for you to consider. Take a close look at the other reviews we have published. We are confident that you will find a writing provider that is trustworthy, and that meets your needs.